We are hiring: PHP Developer

2 years experience in PHP/MySQL
Monthly salary: depending on experience

What we need from you:

- 2 year experience working with PHP/MySQL and familiarity with WordPress + Ecommerce platforms
- Good knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript is a great plus
- A business-oriented doer who is obsessed with “getting things done” and code optimization
- Can be based in HCMC

Scope of Work:

- You will spend 50% of your time on Lillia.com, the Skincare startup that sells products online.
- 50% will find you hacking up our Real Estate startup


- Monthly Salary: depending on your experience
- Flexible working schedule, as long as you can get things done you don’t have to be in the office 9-5 everyday
- We are located right above Xu Bar, one of the nicest drink place in the city, 50% off cocktails from 6:30 – 8:30
- We share the same office with Nam Magazine so you will get to see hot chicks (or cool guys) every now and then
- Our models are Miss FTU if you are still single

Our team:

Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds: serial entreprenuers, investment bankers, consultants & venture capitalists, marketing and media. Some of us are quite geeky so you won’t feel lonely ☺

Interested? Please send your CV to hung.nguyen@lillia.com along with your project portfolio!

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Quảng cáo Facebook: rẻ mà run?

Hôm qua đang ngồi mần việc thì bạn Thành Long hoảng hốt alo bảo sao suggested bid của Facebook bây giờ còn có USD0.01/click à. Mình nghe xong cũng…hết hồn. Cách đây mới mấy tháng chạy 2 chiến dịch quảng cáo trên Facebook cũng phải tầm 0.17 đô/click :| Why oh why? Theo bạn Hùng thì nguyên nhân chính dẫn đến hiện tượng này đó là giá cả trên Facebook cũng hạ nhiệt theo tình hình vàng và chứng khoán của nước nhà. Thật là may mắn cho dân đen =)) (j/k).

Thứ nhất, dân số Việt Nam trên Facebook trong vòng 02 tháng qua đã tăng lên chóng mặt, từ khoảng 1.7M lên 2.5M:

Dân số Việt Nam trên Facebook

Dân số Việt Nam trên Facebook

Người dùng tăng thì inventory tăng, cung tăng thì giá sẽ rẻ hơn:

Giá quảng cáo Facebook 06 tháng qua

Giá quảng cáo Facebook 06 tháng qua

Nhìn vào đường giá phía trên thì có thể thấy sau khi tăng ầm ầm từ 8.8 – 7.9 thì sau đó giá quảng cáo đã sụt giảm kinh dị, tiến thẳng về 0, đồng hành cùng xu hướng giá vàng và chứng khoán trong giai đoạn vừa rồi =))

Tuy nhiên vẫn lấy làm khó hiểu là tại sao giá lại tăng và giảm một cách thiếu tự nhiên như vậy, vì rõ ràng số lượng người dùng tăng 50% thì không thể kéo mức giá giảm sâu như vậy :|

Chưa kể là mức độ quan tâm đến quảng cáo trên Facebook tại Việt Nam trong thời gian qua cũng gia tăng đáng kể:



Thống kê từ Google Insights for Search đối với từ khóa “Quảng cáo Facebook” cũng gia tăng tương ứng với các xu thế ở phía trên => cung tăng cầu cũng tăng, mần răng mà giá nó lại giảm?

Kết quả thực tế khi chạy quảng cáo thì hiển nhiên không thể là 0.01/click, nhưng vẫn rất thấp. Quả này thì bạn Hùng cũng tả bí lù, có cao thủ nào vào chỉ giáo với?

Túm lại thì mần là rằng:

- Đây là thời điểm rất tốt để khởi động một chiến dịch quảng cáo trên Facebook do giá rất rẻ. Tuy nhiên xu hướng gia tăng dân số trên Facebook có vẻ đang chững lại nên dự kiến giá sẽ tăng lên thôi.

- Social Bakers và Google Insights For Search là 02 công cụ khá thú vị. Đặc biệt là Insights for Search. Chẳng hạn bạn có thể so sánh hai hay nhiều brands với nhau để xem sự quan tâm của searchers đến từng brand là nhiều hay ít, brand nào được quan tâm nhiều hơn.

- Nếu bạn quan tâm nhiều hơn đến brand monitoring thì có thể tìm hiểu thêm về dịch vụ Social Listening của ePi (quảng cáo 5s giúp bạn Long luôn :”>).

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The dark side of evangelism

Vinabooks Fan Growth Chart

Fan's Wall Posts

This post is not about ethics nor criticism. I love walking a fine line between black-and-white-hat techniques when it comes to evangelism. But even if you use black-hat techniques you should use it the right way.

Just imagine.

You own a company that enjoys an organic growth rate of 30% a month (which is really sweet), then all of a sudden, as luck would have it, you experience the same growth rate on a daily basis.

That basically forces you to hire people to match the rate. Or implement a technology solution that enhances your productivity accordingly.

That goes the same for community building.

If your community tips, you need more people to manage it. Otherwise it would be the so-called “Denial of Service”. You need enough staff to interact with your fans.

And if it grows too much, the cohesiveness of the community will be greatly undermined. Interactions between your “fans” will be a joke.

Somehow, I still love the humble way of doing things at Intel’s Social Media Center. What’s the point of having a ton of fans that seldom interact and engage?

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Facebook Fanpage Monitoring Tools

As our community grows, some of the most dedicated members will continue to contribute more to the community overall well-fare. Experience has shown that with formal recognition from the community, these members will without a doubt make further efforts to add more content that enriches the their fellows’ life.

So that’s the first question in our mind: how do we identify them, give them proper recognition, and eventually energize them?.

Catering to a community’s hunger for exclusive, unique, and fun information is quite a tough task. It almost requires daily updates of various forms: statuses, photos, videos, links, notes, etc. But again, it really matters when you push out these updates during the day. That’s the second question: when is the most effective time to deliver updates to your community?

And then, how are our fellow evangelists doing? That’s the third. Are they doing a good job of engaging their community? Of energizing their most dedicated members? Of publishing updates that rock the world? It’s like a little competition between people who’ve never seen each other’s face.


In a matter of a few days, @epi_longo has decided to get his hand dirty by developing a little web app that answers our puzzle.

You can get our Facebook Fanpage Monitoring Tools here.

Essentially it’s just a table that displays 44 Facebook Fanpage in FanCount order. A click away and you get to see the update stream with number of responses. Plus a few nice charts that display Fan’s contribution in more details.

You can’t imagine how fun it has been looking at him coding enthusiastically in Hanoi, from here in Saigon. And so far people seem to be liking it. The site looks pretty basic now. We (he, actually) will add more cool features (I know, less is more, but we only create what really matters), in the next few days:

  • KPI: Engagement (Total Active Fans / Total Fans)
  • Help: give you hints about the various metrics that we’re tracking
  • Something that you’d like to see!

At first we wanted to develop it for our own use. But @epi_longo came up with a brilliant idea of open-sourcing it so you guys can customize it however you want to. That’s gonna be our way of doing things in future: sharing what we know with the rest of the world!

Let us know what you think!

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Hiring: Mobile Developer, Flash Developer & System Administrator

A friend of mine is currently looking for exceptional Developers to join her startup. IMHO, it’s a great place to work with lots of opportunities for growth. Experience is a plus, but definitely not mandatory. If you’re just out of school and seeking some amazing mobile development projects to work on, this is definitely worth consideration. And you get to hang out with cool people too (wink). Below are the details:


P0=mandatory/must have skills and/or 3 years of experience. P3=some knowledge and/or 1 year of experience.

Flash Developer

P0 Flash/Flex, Action Script, Cairngorm (framework),
P0 HTML/CSS/JavaScript
P1 Python, Django (framework) (PHP is okay)
P2 Java
P2 REST &JSON (communication with web services)

System Administrator

- Responsible for deploying, monitoring, and administrating our server software components.
P0 Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu Server)
P0 Shell script (programing language) (bash, sh) & UNIX commands (grep, find sed….)
P0 Linux Software Installation (from sources)
P0 Apache & SSL (certificate)
P1 Database PostgreSQL (MySQL accepted), administration, configuration, replication
P1 Monitoring tools (such as nagios, ganglia, etc.)
P1 Source Control Versioning (Subversion, or Git)
P1 Deployment tool (Cruise Control, Capistrano)
P2 Amazon Services such as Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) and Simple Service Storage (S3).

3 years of experience as a System Administrator. P0=3 years P1=1 year

Mobile Developer

Mandatory knowledge:

C, Java, and basic SQL
Version control system (e.g., Subversion)
English understanding

Appreciated knowledge:

- Android SDK, or at least J2ME SDK
- Objective-C language
- SQLite database
- English communication

The mobile developer could be someone who do not have a lot of experience and recently graduated from university.

Resumes/CVs should be sent to le.thaonguyen.vn@gmail.com. Subject should be the position of interest.

All contacts should be directed to Ms. Thảo Nguyên, but feel free to leave your comments here!

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Offline LinkHay HCMC Tết 2010

Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Kem Bud’s NTMK
Street: 183 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Q1

You probably know LinkHay, a Digg-like service built and maintained by VCCorp, a leading digital content provider of Vietnam. This evening we – users (“LinkHayers”) – will put together a small but cosy meet-up for those who love the Internet.

No special requirement, as long as you’re interested in Technology, you’re more than welcome. For me, it’s been quite sometime since I participated in a tech gathering after Barcamp Saigon 2009. And I think “tonight is gonna be a good night“. See ya!

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Vietnamese Telcoms go Cambodia

The beginning of our Tiger year has marked the arrival of two Vietnamese Telcoms in the Kingdom of Wonders, where Viettel, a.k.a Metfone – the Telcom provider with military origin, has already been a long-term player since June 2007. Specifically, FPT Telecom would compete against Viettel and local players on the internet broadband front while VTC would apparently be challenging Sabay – Cambodia’s leading content service provider and one of the sponsors for Barcamp Phnom Penh 2009.

The on-the-street survey that we did during the last Barcamp event revealed that Viettel had been doing a great job in the capital, luring a great number of new subscribers into their Internet, mobile, and data (GPRS) services, mostly thanks to price attractiveness. Friends that we talked to all thought the price was the competitive edge that Viettel had, considering the unbelievable high price that local players had to offer (due to lack of investment in infrastructure and other reasons).

Cambodia is a country a population of 14mil people and an average annual growth rate of around 8.5% in the last 5 years, boasting a lot more opportunities for future developments judging by our observation of the tourism sector (we love Siem Reap btw!), which makes a lot of sense for Vietnamese telcoms to consider participating in.

Out of the 3 players, I would say Viettel stands a lot more chance than FPT. Let me be realistic: FPT internet service sucks even in Vietnam, while Viettel is moving further and further in Cambodia. We’ve seen lots of banners everywhere we went to during our last week’s trip to Cambodia.

VTC may need a lot more time to materialize their investment, as obviously their service relies heavily on the establishment of broadband infrastructure, which takes time. Probably Cambodia has around 10000 people with broadband access today. My guess is FPT & VTC would ponder on providing online games to the local.

Anyhow, this is all great moves. I’m really excited to see many more Vietnamese companies going Cambodia as it would make our life much easier as frequent tourists to this wonderful neighboring country!

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We were told we were very rich (and f that)

There’s one scientific study “where they give two groups of kids relatively easy math problems. The first group they tell “wow, you must be really smart to complete all those!”, the second group they tell “wow, you must have worked really hard to complete all those!”. They then give them another set of problems far above their skill level. The second group of kids, the ‘hard-workers’, work much longer at the problems before giving up on them. And when both groups are given another set of relatively easy problems, the first group’s performance takes a nosedive.” (via hegemonicon on HN).

What were we told when we were at school?

  1. Vietnamese are smart, creative, and hard-working (thanks god they also told us this!)
  2. Vietnam is rich. We have gold forests, silver seas, and all that wonderful stuff that we would never use up.

I think Japanese kids were told something like this:

  1. Our natural resources are scarce, if any.
  2. We need to work as hard as possible to enlarge our wealth.

There’s a lot in common between the above-mentioned study and how we’re doing as a country. When we have a lot, we waste. No hard-work. No sweats!

The recent National Assembly meeting has alarmed that we are wasting an awful lot of money with ICOR being > 8. That basically means if we invest 8 dollars, we get back 1 dollar of growth. This is a ridiculously high ICOR compared to many other countries’.

For years we’ve been known to be a fast-growing, but little is known that we’re burning up our resources for that 8.x% growth rate.

More sadly, most of this ‘s been fueled by government spending. In other words, we’re buying growth at the expense of tax payers and natural resources, leaving nothing for our children in future.

It’s high time we should tell our children that we’re POOR and they need to work HARD to earn whatever they want. Would you tell them otherwise?

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Launching Barcamp Saigon 2009 Logo Design Contest

Following the success of Barcamp Saigon 2008, we’ve been working on the second release of the event, which is slated for December 13th (tentative). With a view to encouraging further participation from the community, we’re pleased to announce the Barcamp Saigon 2009 Logo Design Contest.

The contest will run for two weeks, the end-product of which will probably be the Logo for Barcamp Saigon for a few years to come, until future organizers decide they need a newer one. Friday November 13th is the last day to submit your logo!

This contest is open to everyone, not just Logo designers. Candidate logos will be displayed on our website so that others can vote for their favorite Logo.

If you wonder why you should enter into this contest, we have the answer for you: it’s the privilege to serve a vibrant community of IT enthusiasts, the opportunity to get your name widely recognized, and to see how “the other dudes” in the industry are doing.

We ask only one thing from you: give it your best shot!

Alright, below are the details (copied mostly from the Barcamp Hanoi guys ^ ^).

Submission Deadline

Friday, November 13th, 11:59 PM (GMT+7)

Design Guidelines

The logo should:

* Convey the concept of Barcamp. What is a Barcamp?

* Be distinct, unique and easily identifiable (It’s the logo of Barcamp Saigon, not a general Barcamp)

* Aesthetically fit in with a broad range of site/application designs


* Starting files barcamp.org/SpreadBarCamp

* Sample logos barcamp.org/LogoGallery

* Barcamp Saigon 2008 Logo

* Barcamp Hanoi 2009 Logo

How it works

  • First, create your Logo design. View the Design Guidelines for more details.
  • Upload your design to the contest-specific Flickr group Barcamp Saigon 2009 Logo Design Contest for review.
  • These designs will be posted online at the homepage of Barcamp Saigon for public voting. You determine the winner!
  • The winning Logo will be used on blog, websites, banners, documents and T-shirt to help promote Barcamp Saigon 2009.
  • If you have any additional questions, comment right below this post.
Submission & Judging criteria
  • You can submit more than one design.
  • Submissions can be made via JPG/GIF/PNG however please be prepared to provide high resolution/vector graphic versions of your work.
  • As part of the submission, participants must be willing to give up all their rights to the copyright and donate it to the community.
  • Tag your photo with the phrase “barcampsaigon“. This will allow us to search for and pull your photo into a public image gallery.
  • Make sure your Flickr account is linked to an active email address; this is the only means of contacting the winner!
  • Don’t forget, the submission deadline is Friday, November 13th, 11:59 PM (GMT+7). Start right now!
How others can help?
  • Tweet it!
  • Share it via Facebook!
  • Spread the words!

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Fishing and Mapping

I loved fishing when I was a child. One of my favorites back then. Not so unusual. We lived on the river bank, whose other side boasted two big lakes, one of which provided water for the rice fields of our villagers. Scientifically it’s called irrigation. But admittedly, I wasn’t very good at fishing. It takes a very patient person to catch the fish that he wants to fish. Have you ever heard the story of Jiang Ziya? He waited until he was 80 to catch the right fish with “a barbless hook or even no hook at all.”

Jiang Ziya

Jiang Ziya

Stephen R. Covey, in his “The 7 habits of highly effective people”, talks about maps. No, life orientation. With the right map, even if you’re slower than others, or your techniques are not as good as them, you’ll “get there” one day. On the other hand, no matter how superb one person is, using the Hanoi map to find a club in Saigon takes him nowhere regardless of how skillful he is. Character vs Personality.

What the hell do fishing and maps have to do with social media anyway?

Well for one thing, social media is so different from traditional marketing in that it takes a lot of time, it’s incremental. It’s neither about blockbusters nor serial killing ads on da TV. It’s about building up the conversation and “keep posting”. Or fishing. With or without a hook. When you have an interesting story to tell, they will come to you. You probably won’t have to wait until you’re 80 like our man. But don’t expect success to come early.

It may never come, if you’re fishing in the wrong lake. What if the lake has no fish and you’re happily waiting? Bingo! We need a map! Why didn’t anyone say this early?

To make life easier for fishermen, Forrester Research has proposed a methodology called POST (People – Objective – Strategy – Technology), whose use is to help our men catch fish more easily. The People in this methodology means looking at the lakes we currently have and identifying ones that have the most fish. Simple as that.

POST Method by Forrester Research

POST Method by Forrester Research

So after two weeks of running the Social Technologies Survey, we’ve been able to release the initial maps to the highly-participated-by-the-fish lakes, which can be found here.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand Vietnamese, we’ll present it at Barcamp Saigon, in more details. But here are a couple of highlights:

  • 26% are still blogging. This could be way higher if it were 2008. The closure of Y!360 has significantly increased the rate of unemployment in the blogosphere.
  • Blog readers and commentators account for 80% (!) of Web participants.
  • Forums are stil popular among Internet users in Vietnam, with only 10% “don’t give it a damn” about this platform.
  • As expected, Social Networks rule the gang. 50% update their profiles/avatars at least once a month while 41% post on their buddies’ wall.
  • RSS is surprisingly used by 21% of the participants.

Of course, our fisherman can always use guesswork, it might work, but he may waste time fishing at too many lakes at the same time. Do you love fishing?

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