10 topics I’d like you to blog about in 2009

It’s a few hours away and we’ll find us all celebrating a New Year 2009. 2008 has been so eventful that nobody can ever forget about it. But it’s time to turn over a new leaf, and start blogging about things that matter to us, and our readers.

1. Our beautiful country – Vietnam

There’re  a lot of people out there who still live in the cold war and know very poorly about Vietnam. I’ve done two email interviews with the SFGate and IPS News and they ask the same questions about the new blogging regulation. You can read the interview here:

I was in shock when reading the first article because I couldn’t believe Geoff put me in such a bizarre context. The second was much better though. I would have liked it if they had asked me about how Vietnam is advancing its technologies and catch up with the world.

So my friends, please use your English blog and write about all the beautiful things of Vietnam to educate people, enlighten them, entertain them, and first and foremost, help them see a different Vietnam, take as many pictures and include them in your blog as proof too.

2. Technology & Start-up

It goes without saying that 2009 will be a tough year. But it doesn’t mean we should sit there and wait for the grim reaper to come and take our lives. 2008 has been exciting with a lot of new start-ups being founded and web services being introduced. Next year there will be more. Write about these fantastic developments to let the world know we’re catching up. One of the best ways to respond to crisis is to innovate, and I think we’re on the right track. Blog about technology like you’ve never done so. It’s your passion. It’s the thing that if you don’t do once a day, you will feel guilty. Blog, blog, and keep blogging.

3. Career tips

I find it awkward having to repeat this but 2009 is a very different year. Many people are expected to change jobs. Working in the tech sector can be poor at first but it will eventually pay off. So share your career advice. How you jump-started your career in IT. How you deal with your particular job, your boss, your colleague. How you get promoted and raised? How you have sex in the office? :P Share your success stories so others can refer to when they want to seek new career opportunities.

4. Your gadgets

I’ve never owned an iPod, an iPhone, a GPhone or any of the latest and greatest tech gadgets. I doubt that once I’ve owned one, the entire world has forgotten about it. So, if you own a Gphone now, blog about it. If you own the coolest netbook on the market, blog about it. Compete with Engadgets and Gizmodo. Show people that you’re tech saavy and can own whatever the world has to produce, in a much cooler way. Remember how we unlocked the iPhone. The world was taken aback.


5. Open source technologies

As IT managers are thriving their ass off to drive costs down, they look to Open Source as the most viable solution. Open Source’s become hot and is being widely adopted in the business world. If you love Open Source, write about it so your friends know it. If you’re company in Vietnam is deploying Open Source solutions, share with us. Help other companies know that there’s such thing as Free & Open Source Software exists that they can use for free and can still get their job done. Help the “I-love-M$” folks out. Enlighten them with your aesthetic blog entries.

6. Social media

I know some of you are fed up with this already but there are not a lot of companies in Vietnam that are taking advantage of social media to improve their business. It comes in handy especially when their marketing budget is limited. It’s an art and science but if they know how to execute a social media strategy properly, it can be rewarding. And for all the non-geek friends of ours, it’s a courtesy to let them know that there are things other than Y!360 exist. If you’re passionate about something, you’re friends will be convinced.

7. Barcamp Hanoi

I haven’t heard any progress regarding Barcamp Hanoi. But I’m confident our friends are doing their best jobs. Hopefully I can attend Barcamp Hanoi but that’s not a promise. Help spread the idea. Blog about the event before, during, and after the day. Make it ubiquitous. Take it to everywhere. Bring it before everyone’s eyes. Help people know there’s such a cool concept that they themselves can be a part of, and be proud to be a part of. Tell the world we have 2 Barcamps in one year.

8. Barcamp Saigon

Oh, we will surely have Barcamp Saigon. This year things ‘re gonna be less intensive on the organizers’ part but hard work is still hard work. Help spread the words. You know the rules. You know what it’s like, how it runs, why it’s cool. Get involved!

9. You

Everyone is an interesting entity and of course has something to say about yourself. It’s always more than meets the eyes. Share your stories with us so we know each other better.

10. Me

Not exactly me, but my E-learner 2.0 project. It’s gonna happen in 2009 and it will be cool. So help support us by simply mentioning us in your blog when the protect takes off.

So, they’re the things I’d like you to write about. Do you want me to write about anything particular?


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5 Responses to 10 topics I’d like you to blog about in 2009

  1. Michelle says:

    Excellent program! Happy New Year.

  2. AnhHung says:

    thanks Michelle, the same to you!

  3. Duc Ban says:

    Thanks for the list, young man! :D I hope you a New Year 2009 with more nice articles.

  4. TaiTran says:

    I’d expect to see more articles covering e-commerce on fresco 2.0 :)

    As for me, I’ll likely be writing more on economic analysis and e-learning in 2009.

    Cheers ;)

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    There are some really interesting career advice articles at:


    You may find them interesting and useful

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