100 tickets left for BarcampSaigon 1

Guys, you’ve gotta be quick to get a free ticket to Barcamp Saigon on November 15 at RMIT Vietnam campus in South Saigon.

So far people have constantly signed up for attendance, most of whom are local developers who are working for small and large companies in Ho Chi Minh City. This is quite surprising since initially we were afraid that it would be a challenge to dig out those developers out their hole. So it all looks good :-)

Now our team is trying hard to look for expats to join the event to make it a bit international and Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce) has just agreed to support us by sending emails to their weekly mailing list and announcing the event on the website, which receives a huge amount of traffic. DDTH, TTVNOL, Vozforum, and other security forums are willing to help out too. These are some of the biggest forums in Vietnam.

Certainly when we roll out our marketing campaign, there would be hundreds of other participants signing up. You can check out the detailed campaign at the Organizer Wiki page on Marketing.

With abundant financial sponsorship and marketing channels, we can accommodate as many participants as we possible, but 200 is the target we aim to achieve.

Considering the political conditions of Vietnam, and the possible risks that may spring up during the event at RMIT if we have too many people, it would be wise to start at 200 for Saigon Barcamp 1 and see how it goes. Over here things are not as easily said and done. We’re going through quite a lot of procedures to get our event license approval [yes, such an event as BarCampSaigon needs an event license to get things going]. It takes at least 7 working days and there are a lot of things we have to take care of. Detailed requirements will be available on Monday but it is common knowledge that the local authorities may want to get to know all the speakers identity and presentation slides have to be translated into Vietnamese for approval. It’s kinda complicated. But we’re confident we’ll get things done on time.

For now, please head over to the Attendee page and put your name down. :-)

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