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Happy Halloween Intrepid Ibex!

There we go. Ubuntu 8.10 is out! Get it HERE. For an overview of what’s new in this excitin release, check THIS out. And the reviews so far:–/features/111823 As usual, there are mix feelings as … Continue reading

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Can Vietnamese Web 2.0 start-ups make money?

Web 2.0 start-ups are surely hot, with a slew of new-comers springing up every now and then,, just to name a few of the latest. But how will they go about making money? Running these stuffs is not … Continue reading

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Nokia music site on hacked, RIAV and involved

At 17:41 on Nov 25, a member of DDTH [IT forum] – Vietnamese largest IT forum, nicknamed kelangthang666 reported that he was unable to download music from Nokia’s music site on at this link: as a part of … Continue reading

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Does Web 2.0 not matter in recession time?

Tom Davenport argued on BusinessWeek that Web 2.0 and social media, which “let everyone share ideas, opinions, favorite tunes, and relationship statuses with each other”, are not priorities during the financial crisis as they are not improving our productivity and … Continue reading

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100 tickets left for BarcampSaigon 1

Guys, you’ve gotta be quick to get a free ticket to Barcamp Saigon on November 15 at RMIT Vietnam campus in South Saigon. So far people have constantly signed up for attendance, most of whom are local developers who are … Continue reading

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Today Joseph recommended me to Van Tran, product manager of After reading the recommendation letter, I was presented with 3 options: reply, accept, deny. I was so eager that I sent Van a message just to say “hi”, only … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.6.3 is out, with a minor compatibility issue

I upgraded Fresco20 to the latest version of WordPress using the Automatic Upgade plugin. Since this is the first time I used the plugin and performed an upgrade, I was a little nervous. What if things would break along the … Continue reading

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Vietnam in recession time

Today Huy Zing and I went to IMB Vietnam office on the 5th floor of Diamond Plaza to “sell” BarcampSaigon for some sponsorship. We were warmly received by Charles Manuel, IBM’s Program Director of ASEAN Strategic Initiatives & IDR Software … Continue reading

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Sugar on Ubuntu 8.04

Interesting. Somebody posted on the Edubuntu mailing list that he was able to get Sugar on his laptop and SHARE it to the whole thin-client network: Here’s the message: Hi there, with the generous help from #sugar devs I managed … Continue reading

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My submission to Project 10 to the 100th

Idea’s Name: E-learner Platform 2.0 Category: Education One sentence that best describes your idea: An e-learning platform where everyone can share and learn Describe your idea in more depth: It is a social network for everyone who is interested in … Continue reading

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