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Vietnam’s Tweet Of The Day

Hi, Just in case you haven’t followed me on Twitter, please do so now: From now on I will build a list of the so-called “Tweet Of The Day” just for the sake of having fun. Who doesn’t like … Continue reading

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Mumbai terror: when social media backfired

Today ‘s been a sad day for Mumbai, its people, and the rest of the world. A sudden terrorist attack mounted upon the never-sleep city awoke Mumbai’s innocent citizens. As of this writing, 101 people have been killed and 314 … Continue reading

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Inspired by @ducban ‘s tweet Wait, is that a typo? It should have been: “It’s too late to apologize” People make mistakes sometimes. But for, an exclusive network for business leaders and industry experts, that was such a shame. … Continue reading

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Cyvee Encore

Today Cyvee revamped its front page with a number of design improvements in response to the recent launch of From a non-designer perspective, it all looks good. I’m going to spend more time playing around to see if there’s … Continue reading

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Temporary fix for OpenOffice 3 latest updates in Intrepid

This morning Ubuntu rolled out the latest updates of OpenOffice3. Unfortunately, after installing them, I couldn’t even start the Office suite. It just stopped in the middle of the Splash loading process. I tried rebooting the system in vain. In … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 in Vietnam: Beyond Social Networking Sites

We’ve witnessed the rise (and fall) of a slew of new social networking sites in the last year who ‘ve been trying to capture the anticipated death of Yahoo360: yobanbe, tamtay,yume, yousecond, you name it. I find it hard to … Continue reading

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The Twitter Story

Chris Brogan made a very good point about why we don’t have to touch every conversation on the web, be it in forums, mailing lists, SNS, blogs, or Twitter. Indeed, we don’t have the time of the world to do … Continue reading

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Tech Bloggers in Vietnam

Hi, In this entry I’m attempting to provide you with a list of Tech Bloggers who are either native Vietnamese or expats living in Vietnam. The idea is to help you get started if you happen to have a plan … Continue reading

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How to make our Life 2.0 eternal?

Paola, E-learner Platform 2.0, Thomas Wanhoff, and I were talking about Paola’s frustration when Yahoo shut down its Photo service and how painful it was for her to migrate all of them to Flickr, at a fee (it was a … Continue reading

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AskF20: How should I bookmark them?

This morning I’ve read some very interesting stuffs about startups and iam looking for a good bookmarking tool to save these URIs so that I can refer to them when in need and share them with friends. I used to … Continue reading

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