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10 topics I’d like you to blog about in 2009

It’s a few hours away and we’ll find us all celebrating a New Year 2009. 2008 has been so eventful that nobody can ever forget about it. But it’s time to turn over a new leaf, and start blogging about … Continue reading

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Slacky Diary: KDE4 is up and running!

In Windows, and even other Linux flavors such as Ubuntu, you don’t get to build what you want. It’s hard to imagine that I’m running on a full-blown GUI like KDE4 without a glitch today compared to the black-and-white command … Continue reading

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E-commerce assignment 1.0

E-commerce is my last subject at university and actually I’ve been quite excited about it. It’s the only subject that is technology-related that I can understand what the entire class hasn’t got the slightest idea about. There were lectures on … Continue reading

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7 days without my Linux laptop

7 days in hospital for dengue treatment also meant 7 days without my Linux laptop. Had it not been for the BlackBerry Pearl, my life would have become dead boring. The only big trouble I had was that on the … Continue reading

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Slacky Diary: Firing up VirtualBox

[ad] One week with Dengue has not been a fun experience but today I’m back to blogging as usual. As I need Windows for my e-commerce assignment [99% of the world is using Windows sadly), I decided to play with … Continue reading

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What does Ubuntu mean to me?

[ad] I first tried Ubuntu when it was 7.04, it was good but sound didn’t work so I switched back to Windows. I tried 8.04 and it worked but for various reasons I still needed Windows to co-exist with it. … Continue reading

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Mobivi: The cult of of the E-wallet

[ad] When it comes to E-commerce development in Vietnam’s market, the same sentiment is shared across the industry: online payment is what holds us all back. Mobivi is coming to our rescue, only to find that it’s no blockbuster whatsoever. … Continue reading

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7 greatest and latest Firefox Addons For Your Holidays!

[ad] Yoooo dudes! What’s up? It’s time to have fun again. Let’s rock with some of the greatest and latest Firefox Addons. There you go: 1. Inquisitor 1.0.2 Inquisitor for Firefox (Beta)… speeds up your searches like no other. Start … Continue reading

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The possibilities of online security threats

[ad] More often than not when I share a link with my buddies on IM, they are bound to ask this question:” Is this a virus?”. For Vietnamese, virus infections via IM have become such a nightmare that they are … Continue reading

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The social within: internal network for your employees

The recently published research paper on the Use of Social Software in the Workplace by IBM Research, which centered upon its employees’ adoption of BeeHive, an internal social network launched in 2007, has shed light on how such software can … Continue reading

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