2009: The microblogging war begins

VNExpress.Net – Vietnam’s top online news site today ran an article on microblogging which introduced the idea, Twitter, and its clients. With Nhắn Gửi dot com on stage, now the local microblogging war begins:

Ugly interface, poor translation from Laconica, vilolated AGPL license at first but now they’ve added the license statement on footer. I guess they do this for fun :)

Word play or Alo – “Hello?” on phone call. Nice interface. Developed by a team that is close to one of the H3 hackers. SMS updates possible. Looks good.

Mobile client (?) – mLOOP, can be downloaded by sending an SMS message. SMS updates.

Vietnamese domain. API. Different channels. Not sure how they work though. Public timeline on front page (why?)

At first glance. Haven’t touched any of those. You’ll probably want to get a feel of each before making a decision to switch, if any.

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