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Thesis: Applying the new rules of International Marketing in Vietnamese Tourism 2009-2015

Please kindly take a look at the first 2 chapters of the thesis, which have been quite complete. This is mostly a 3-week work so it’s not supposed to be fancy. The language is in Vietnamese though. For English speakers, I wish you knew our language! Continue reading

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Vote for my audio response to the Asia Society Contest|Asian Corporate Conference 2009

This year the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Wall Street Journal Asia will be jointly organizing the 19th Asian Corporate Conference, which is a high-profile event attended by world leaders and renowned economic figures. As part of the … Continue reading

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The nice thing about Facebook is that its population in Vietnam has doubled since the last quarter of 2008, boasting 64,000+ users. I won’t repeat what’s been talked about how Facebook spreads (virality) but this is just good news for many, and probably bad news for local social networking start-ups. Continue reading

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Since the introduction of Baomoi Mobile, I’ve get used to reading Vietnamese news on my Blackberry. The day that Blackberry supports Vietnamese characters still seems far away so I really appreciate the team’s efforts. Anyway, the current Mobile site only displays news as “latest”, “hottest”, which means random news. I wonder if there’s a way for me to read what I want to read on my Mobile, like the customization/personalization feature on the Web interface. Continue reading

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Project Slacker: Preface

Ok, you may have already known that I’m investing most of my time writing a thesis for my university graduation. It’s about applying the new rules of marketing in tourism in Vietnam. So far, “The new rules of Marketing and … Continue reading

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