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The Blogger Dilemma

As a blogger, you face this dilemma at one point or another: to blog or not to blog. There are countless people who would criticize you for what you write. It can be intimidating. Because putting yourself out there in front of the whole world is easier said than done. Continue reading

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Baomoi Mobile: news on the go

Just as any mobile application for Web services, users should be asked to login as Baomoi Mobile initiates. Being able to read the “Web interface” from your mobile phone is a nice idea. However, Baomoi Web also provides a personalization feature that lets you choose your categories, keywords, and sources of choice. I want to have this kind of experience on my Pearl. I want to read the exact kind of news that is relevant to me, rather than having to scrawl through hundreds of articles, most of which are not what I want to. Basically, instead of trying to replicate the Web experience, the mobile app should be the “homepage” of users, featuring news that they’ve chosen to read. My personal Baomoi Mobile. Continue reading

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Yahoo! 360 exodus: where’s the new land?

Facebook will continue to gain momentum in Vietnam, with an increasing rate of adoption. This SNS will be a stand-alone platform that serves Vietnamese first need of socializing on the Net and should not be included as an alternative platform to Yahoo 360. Facebook does extremely well in connecting “already known” friends, and in terms of social graph, I would say this can be moved pretty fast via email invitation.
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