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Vietnam Starter-Kit

Ok, so if you’re a tech guy thinking about moving to Vietnam (for a short or long while), I hope this post can be of good help in showing you where to start. Continue reading

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BitTorrent: the new protocol of the Internet

The record labels’ve been trying so hard to take down TPB only to find that new trackers are popping up here and there. They’ve barked at the wrong tree. In other words, occasions were given to the birth of a new torrent area. The better part? Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on Social games

For a game to be addictive in Facebook, it has to be really social. Letting you play with/against your very own friends. It doesn’t have to be the coolest game in the world, but it has to be just that social. Continue reading

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Git: workflow for two dev working on one branch

Say, young Anakin and Caption Kirk set out for a new project, codename “Star War Trek”, whose end result would bring balance to the force and peace to the Federation. The Jedi council has decided that in order to achieve their ultimate goal, the first step is to reveal the true identity of Sith. They, therefore, have assigned our two young heroes to this challenging mission: sith_reveal. May the force be with them. Continue reading

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