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BarCamp Phnom Penh 2009: Who’s coming with us?

It’s here again. We (the folks in Ho Chi Minh City) will be flocking to the capital of beautiful Cambodia once again to attend the largest technology unconference in the country to date. Last year it was a greatly successful event attended by some 300 people from around South East Asia. There were about 10 of us, most of whom were Barcamp Saigon organizers being there. Continue reading

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The coffee machine

svenfuchs have you been programming in some other language before? intangibleliquid html & css : yes svenfuchs ok intangibleliquid ruby is my first language. intangibleliquid talking ruby like a baby lol svenfuchs i guess the first thing to do then … Continue reading

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ArchLinux: I’m in love

It’s been a month since I’ve fully switched to Arch Linux, “a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple” and so far the experience has been very positive. That’s quite an understatement though. Continue reading

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Visky: what to do with one million dollars?

Launch another product. Launch yet another product. Keep launching untill the money is done for. Continue reading

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Muffy: an information service provider that differs from the rest

Muffy. A widget that works on both blogging and mobile platforms. It’s a very simple but powerful concept. Continue reading

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Sneaking into the Cloud

We had our first Cloud Computing Conference last Saturday, co-hosted by the Twitter Community in Vietnam and, a new initiative from Vinapo that hopefully could bring cloud computing to the average Joe (Joe? Eh?) Continue reading

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