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Launching Barcamp Saigon 2009 Logo Design Contest

Following the success of Barcamp Saigon 2008, we’ve been working on the second release of the event, which is slated for December 13th (tentative). With a view to encouraging further participation from the community, we’re pleased to announce the Barcamp Saigon 2009 Logo Design Contest. Continue reading

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Fishing and Mapping

Well for one thing, social media is so different from traditional marketing in that it takes a lot of time, it’s incremental. It’s neither about blockbusters nor serial killing ads on da TV. It’s about building up the conversation and “keep posting”. Or fishing. With or without a hook. When you have something interesting to say, they will come to you. You probably won’t have to wait until you’re 80 like our man. But don’t expect success to come early. Continue reading

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is the number of people who have completed our survey, which is based on Forrester’s Social Technographics, which classifies consumers into six overlapping levels of participation (creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, and inactives). As of this writing. Continue reading

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Facebook: the return of the Sith

The old design of Facebook has come back with more bells and whistles. But I’m trying to refrain myself from giving any opinion of these changes now but will come back in a few weeks when data are available for analysis. For the time being, I’ve switched to the Live feed option. Continue reading

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December 6th or 13th? Vote for your date of choice for Barcamp Saigon 2009!

Barcamp Saigon is on it’s way, but we still need to figure out the date. We had November 29th before, but the venue is not available at that date. So we know checking either December 6th or December 13th. We want to confirm the date in the next two dates. Continue reading

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Is this confusing?

From the Linkhay‘s homepage: If I navigate to “Tin mới” [New News], and choose Technology, I get newly submitted Tech news. If I navigate to Technology, and choose “Tin mới”, I get general submitted links instead of Tech ones. It’s … Continue reading

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Twitter or not Mimo?

Haven’t we had enough local microblogging services? And what sort of difference does Mino bring if cheap SMS message is the only difference from the others? Maybe, just maybe, this can help them push more users to the platform, but it might take them at least two years to grow like Twitter used to. Because it looks exactly like Twitter on first look. How much percentage does 5mil users account for in the total Internet population? And how much would that be for the Vietnamese market? Plus, what’s the point for the English interface anyway? Continue reading

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Facebook’s redesign of Event Management is fantastic!

Event managers can invite people from past events. This is the most impressive improvement. As someone who’s creating periodical events, this change makes my life a lot easier. No need to pick up guests from a list of 1000 friends any more! Continue reading

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Facebook: how to convert Friends to Fans?

Now, the question is: what are you gonna do about it? How do you convert your “company’s friends” to loyal fans? Yesterday a friend called me asking this very question and I wasn’t able to come up with an immediate answer. So here it is. Continue reading

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WOW Vinabook!

Seconds (I really mean it, SECONDS!) after I pressed the “check out” button, Vinabook called me to confirm the purchase and reminded me that because my house is in the outskirts of HCMC, I would have to pay additional cost for postage, which was fine. Continue reading

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