Are you a Twitter addict?

I am. I spend a lot of time everyday tweeting and reading tweeters’ updates. I read them first thing in the morning, last thing at mid night, and even when I am up during the night. My only excuse at this rate is that it’s still better than drugs.

Reading people’s 140 characters is fun, and, to a certain extent, the feeling of getting lost in the middle of the stream is similarly enjoyable. The conversations that they exchange, the links that are shared, the everyday rant that constantly appear.

But beneath that is a thriving community that is expanding and getting more connected everyday. Most of us in the so-called “Twitter community in Vietnam” didn’t know each other until we’re on Twitter. Things change.

Here’s a simple comparison. On Facebook you would friend with someone who you’ve already known. On Twitter you would friend with anyone and eventually become known to each other. It’s amazing to see how fast the community is growing and how far it’s reaching out everyday.

And for that very reason, Facebook and Twitter should never be compared to each other. They’re fundamentally different.

But you know what, we organize tweet-ups via Facebook. Because like I said earlier, we eventually become friends, regardless of platforms.

So by now, it’s pretty clear that I’m a Facebook addict too. I’m addicted to anything :-)

How about you?

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One Response to Are you a Twitter addict?

  1. dlead says:

    Sometimes, i forget i have blog :D because of twitter and facebook :P

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