Are you still on Yahoo360?

Figuring out that most people who read Fresco20 have something to do with technology, I still wonder if anyone is still on Yahoo360 for any chance.

For me, I left 360 for almost half a year. It was broken, slow as hell, and didn’t serve my purpose.

So just a quick question, are you still on 360? If so, please let us know why, and where you are moving next after Y!360 is abandoned in April 2009.

Still confused? Tai Tran has some nice suggestions for you in this post.

Too lazy to read and feel up to something “plug-and-play”? I strongly suggest Tumblr.

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2 Responses to Are you still on Yahoo360?

  1. Ho Viet Hai says:

    I am on… but on 360plus as well

  2. AnhHung says:

    What about twitter? I think you can design some decent backgrounds for the growing number of tweeters :-)

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