AskF20: How should I bookmark them?

This morning I’ve read some very interesting stuffs about startups and iam looking for a good bookmarking tool to save these URIs so that I can refer to them when in need and share them with friends.

I used to use Delicious, it was great, but I didn’t use it often so my problem was that I had to reset the password everytime. :(

I’ve just registered an account in Diigo because Tai Tran is using it, which means it should be good.

I still wonder if this is the best thing that works for me. Or if it works for me, is there anything else that I can do beyond that.

Another idea that’s wandering in my mind is that I will bookmark what I’m reading by microblogging them on, tag with the “bookmark” tag and other related tags. Then I will tweet it on Twitter. By this, it’s easier for me to share what I’m reading with around 100 people that are following me and reading my blog (it’s a small community of my own, but as always I’m proud of the tiny community that “speaks the same language”).

Or maybe I’ll do both of them? I haven’t checked out Diigo yet. Another idea that’s just popped up in my mind is having Diigo automatically feed the bookmarks to Fresco20, with the tag “bookmark” and some other tags.

Hmm, too complicated?

Update1: Diigo toolbar is awesome, not only can I send my bookmark to Fresco20 but I can tweet it as well :D

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