Barcamp Hanoi 2009 Logo Design Contest

Barcamp Hanoi 1 Logo

Barcamp Hanoi 1 Logo

The current logo you’re seeing on top of this page is the logo of Barcamp Hanoi 1. Several months ago, right after we put it on the homepage,  some people gave us feedback that we should change the logo. And we see that other Barcamps also change their logo for each individual event. So we think it’s right time now to announce a tiny logo design contest for Barcamp Hanoi 2009. Then we can use the winning logo to print banner, T-shirt, official documents and put it on the homepage. You can read more detail about the contest below:

Barcamp Hanoi 2009 Logo Design Contest

Help Barcamp Hanoi create a unique and meaningful logo for the event of 2009.

Reward for the Winner

  • Community-Wide recognition for designing the official Barcamp Hanoi 2009 logo featured on the official homepage.
  • A free Barcamp Hanoi 2009 T-Shirt to show off your winning design.

Design Guidelines

The logo should:

  • Convey the concept of Barcamp (You can use the starting files here)
  • Be distinct, unique and easily identifiable (It’s the logo of Barcamp Hanoi, not a general Barcamp)
  • Aesthetically fit in with a broad range of site/application designs


How it works

  • First, create your Logo design. View the Design Guidelines for more details.
  • Upload your design to the contest-specific Flickr group Barcamp Hanoi 2009 Logo Design Contest for review.
  • After a week, these designs will be posted online at the homepage of Barcamp Hanoi for public voting. You determine the winner!
  • The winning Logo will be used on blog, websites, banners, documents and T-shirt to help promote Barcamp Hanoi 2009.
  • If you have any additional questions, comment right below this post.

Submission & Judging Criteria

  • You can submit more than one design.
  • Submissions can be made via JPG/GIF/PNG however please be prepared to provide high resolution/vector graphic versions of your work.
  • As part of the submission, participants must be willing to give up all their rights to the copyright and donate it to the community.
  • Tag your photo with the phrase “BCHN 2009 LContest“. This will allow us to search for and pull your photo into a public image gallery.
  • Join the contest-specific Flickr group Barcamp Hanoi 2009 Logo Design Contest and add your image to the image pool.
  • Make sure your Flickr account is linked to an active email address; this is the only means of contacting the winner!
  • Don’t forget, the submission deadline is Saturday February 28th 11:59 PM (GMT+7). You have a week from now to prepare and submit your logo. Start right now!

Original Announcement

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  1. Frankly speaking I'm not impressed with this version. I suppose it is too complex and the color palette is not ideal. What do you think?

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