Barcamp Saigon 1 Recap

BarcampSaigon Stand

BarcampSaigon Stand

Barcamp Saigon 1, the first Barcamp event in Ho Chi Minh City, concluded with a closing ceremony in which every barcampers echoed the same message: “I love Barcamp”. It was an unforgettable moment that paved the way for future successful Barcamps :)


Thomas asked me if I would think Barcamp Saigon was a possibility when we officially announced it  in Phnom Penh on September 20 as he himself didn’t believe it would happen. Kevin didn’t believe it would happen was somewhat pessimistic as there were so many things that were not in place. We didn’t have a venue. We didn’t have an event license. We barely got any sponsorship.

But as I’m a somewhat naive guy, I believed it would happen. So it did. And it was a huge success in terms of everything.

Google Devfest helped us a lot in pinpointing what it would be like during the day. We were afraid that out of the almost 400 people registered for the event, not many would show up. We were worried that the English presentations would scare the hell out of our attendees.


Our Barcampers - Viirak from Cambodia was having fun!

Our Barcampers - Viirak from Cambodia was having fun!

In reality, things were happening as planned. 159 pre-registered attendees turned up, accounting for 43%. 50 people registered on site. Counting the organizers and volunteers in, it was 296!

Barcampers were posting their sessions on the schedule

Barcampers were posting their sessions on the schedule

Another cool thing was people actually enjoyed speaking English so we spent very little time on translation. A lot of great sessions were presented. The Web 2.0 around the world from Preetam Rai, our good friend, attracted a lot of attention. The volunteers had to ask me if they should prevent people from entering Room A. LOLz

A session by Vietnamese on Social Networks

A session by Vietnamese on Social Networks

Making money online by Rick and Sonnymotives was awesome. Vietnam Online by Bryan, Vinagame CEO was pretty cool.

For me, I did a short session on E-learner Platform 2.0. Had around 15 attendees but it was good. Gotta start working on it this weekend :)

What a pity I didn’t have a lot of time talking to people as I was trying to keep the conversations LIVE via Twitter and Pibb.

Just something to be proud of, #barcampsaigon was among the top trending topics on Twitter. Damn!

Our sessions ‘s been spotlighted on SlideShare frontpage :)

Everyone was happy and we had an awesome #beercamp at Ngọc Thảo. Hee, the manager there is a pretty girl. I’m wondering why I’ve been falling for pretty girls so easily. Ok, off-topic!


I spent the first hour chit chating with the volunteers. They did so amazing a job that #barcampsaigon went so smoothly. I only wish that it was more disorganized, haha. They are really nice. Perhaps I’ll join them in future events of the RMIT Business Club. :)

Here they are, our unsung heroes

Here they are, our unsung heroes

I said to myself that I wouldn’t drink any beer. But it turned out that I drank quite a lot haha. After finishing the meal, I ordered a beer and walked around to cheer with people. I ordered another and did the same thing. Then I sat down with Barrend, RMIT IT Program Coordinator. Hmm, I thought it would nice to talk to RMIT. Then i told him about Twitter (i’m quite a twitter freak apparently). Consider it a #beercamp Twitter session. We talked for like almost 45 minutes, and drank a lot of beer. Hopefully next time he’ll be of help :)

haha, then I went to the second #beercamp with Rick, Dan, and Tomo at 15 Le Thanh Ton. Drank a huge glass of draught beer. Damn, remember me telling you that I drank wine when I was four and smoked when I was six? I’m a spoilt kid in every sense :) . We talked about Dan’s business and how he was building his social network for hiring. Honestly I didn’t catch up with everything as I was quite tired and drunk. But it was fun.

Van, Rick’s wife, and their friends joined us. I started to talk about education for a bit then left due to the late night.

Overall, it was a rewarding experience. Now it’s time to look ahead. Anyone wanna join us for the next Barcamp?

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7 Responses to Barcamp Saigon 1 Recap

  1. preetam rai says:

    Congrats to you and the team for a well run event. I had a lot of fun and looking forward to coming for the next event in VN.

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  3. Min Tran says:

    What a pity! I couldn’t join the #beercamp. You look drunk haha!

    (please delete the comment above, sorry for the typo)

  4. AnhHung says:

    yeah i did. but i was not in the pictures :)

  5. dlead says:

    everybody understood the meaning of BarCamp already :) it’s pretty easy for the next BarCamp

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