Barcamp Saigon is running at full speed

PCWorld Vietnam’s chief editor has agreed to help us with organizing Barcamp Saigon. This is such a great offer as they will take care of all the paperwork and political issue. We’re meeting up this Thursday to discuss what to do next and it looks like it’s gonna be important as this is the first time everyone knows what to do.

Before, I was sitting back to wait for Jason Vu from Google to come as he’d expressed his interest in taking a bit of control of barcamp after the Google event, or Google Hackathon, which marks the official entrance of Google into Vietnamese market. But he seems to have stuffs to deal with regarding the DevFest. I felt guilty because others were working hard to get things done. But I always thought patience would pay off: I don’t work my ass off when I don’t know what I’m doing.

As a part of the young generation of Vietnam, it is high time we should do something for our IT industry. Barcamp is a good thing to start with. But the political sensitivity is something that held us back. They way Barcamp works can be tricky as nobody knows what people’re gonna say at the event. But after chatting with Chip and Khanh, we came to a conclusion that while such concern was valid, it was not that serious. We felt strongly that we could, and should do it because there’s no reason for not doing it. We decided that an established organization should be asked to support us and actually stand behind us to get things done.

As a master of communication, Khanh has persuaded PCWorld to take charge of it and learning the news from him allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. We badly wanted to do it, and now we have every condition to do it. So we’ll just do it.

The Barcamp organizers are all amazing people. They’re working hard to make this a success despite their tight schedule. great job, guys! I’ve been wondering how a black sheep of the technology family like me can help out in a big tech event like barcamp, and it seems at least I can write about it in my blog, and get some money for organizing it by talking to local Vietnamese companies.

Finally, everything is much clearer to me, and to us, and this Thursday meeting is crucial as we have lots of things to discuss. Looking forward to it :-) November the 15th is coming close, we have to run fast!

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2 Responses to Barcamp Saigon is running at full speed

  1. Khanh Le says:

    Actually, it didn’t reach chief editor of PC World yet. But sure it will :-)

  2. AnhHung says:

    @Khanh: yes bro, let’s get the ball rolling and we’re gonna make it a success.

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