BarcampSaigon is one week away – November 15

Without a major marketing effort, there are already 300 people registering for the event, and almost half of them will possibly lead a presentation on the day.

Initially we were afraid there wouldn’t be a lot of Vietnamese showing up at #barcampsaigon because we thought this concept of Barcamp is relatively new to Vietnamese. As such, we would focus our marketing efforts on digging out Vietnamese of their hole, only to find out that we would have to do otherwise. According to the current list, there are approximately 90% participants coming within Vietnam. That’s truly awesome!

I do hope that the people who actually turn up at the event will lead a lot of interesting presentations because this is your chance to do so. There’s been no single technology event out there which allows people to freely do whatever they want. I’m looking forward to your presentations/discussions.

As far as I know, some are afraid that they wouldn’t be able to understand much due to the language barrier. This is a valid concern. However, you can freely do the following things:

- Present in Vietnamese. Yes, of course. 90% of the audience are Vietnamese. What’s the point speaking English? I’ll do my presentation in Vietnamese!

- Present in English, have the slides in Vietnamese. If the audience you target are expats. There are a few people who fly to Vietnam on that day. Make sure to check the attendee list to learn about their background. If they are from the same industry as yours, it’s worth sharing with them too.

- Present in English, find someone to translate in real time. This will take a bit longer but actually it is very beneficial to the entire audience.

- Present in Vietnamese, find someone to translate into English. Same reason.

- Present in Vietnamese, have the slide in English:)

As there are a lot of topics already listed, here are some that I think you may be interested in:

  • Open Source Business Applications. Kevin is a really good linux guru and if you care about open source stuff, join him.
  • Vietnam web services portal & Start-ups Support System. There’s no need to introduce Chip right? Everyone knows Chip and she knows everyone :-)
  • App Dev: GoogleAppEngine, Adobe AIR, Android, iPhone. If you missed Google DevFest, Huy Zing will help you out. He speaks a little fast so we’ll make sure to remind him.
  • GIS-related subjects. Khanh is the admin of and is a guru of GIS and software development on mobile platforms :-)
  • E-learner Platform 2.0 :*) eh, marketing for myself on my blog is considered appropriate, right?
  • Ruby-on-Rails Extreme Programming development, Advanced analytics & Internet venures. I’ll tell you what, I’m a secret admirer of Lawrence. He doesn’t know that, and don’t tell him :-) If you are in software development, this is a must-listen!
  • Search Engine and Web technology. It’s worth listening to a guy from Yahoo Vietnam, right?
  • Interesting Web/Mobile Projects in Asia and Africa and how they are being monetized. Preetam Rai is a guru in social media. Wanna join his presentation too.
  • Ventures Capital Tips: Getting funded and Operating a start-up. These two Vice Presidents from IDG Ventures Capital are damn good :) I met one of them, he graduated from my university.
  • A lot more. I simply cant resist the temptation to list all of them here, but just to give a snapshop of what’s gonna be there on the day

Here are some pictures of RMIT, just to familiarise yourself with the place.

Thanks Duy!

One important thing that you can do is go to:


and register yourself. Once you are there, start following @barcampsaigon. We’ll make announcements online via Twitter and also, once you get to you twitter, in case you haven’t, you will surely fall in love with it.

In order to get started, if you have time for reading, read this book:

  1. Geeks Guide to Promoting Yourself With TwitterGeekpreneur

We’ll get started with Twitter as the first session to make sure that everyone is on Twitter before the sessions start :-)

See you all there, geeks!

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