BitTorrent: the new protocol of the Internet

You know they managed to threaten The Pirate Bay’s existence, making it to change ship. But that was quite a mistake, wasn’t it?

Remember, you don’t kill everyone’s love on the Internet.

The record labels didn’t learn from the revolution at Digg well enough, didn’t they? One story submitted was taken down and hours later all the AACS-encryption-key-related stories flooded Digg’s front page.

I was there. I saw all the thrill. And now I see something even bigger.

The record labels’ve been trying so hard to take down TPB only to find that new trackers are popping up here and there. They’ve barked at the wrong tree. In other words, occasions were given to the birth of a new torrent area. The better part?

All of the picking-up-what’s-lefts are now forming the so-called “federated tracker network”. If we’re talking to each other on a TCP/IP basis. Torrent users are now connecting to each other in a very similar manner.

“The clients will be distributed among the trackers and still have access to the bigger picture.” In other words, users connected to would be able to share data with those connected to, and vice versa. A setup like this would also be much more fail-safe than the way BitTorrent currently works. Take down one tracker, and the rest of the network will still be able to track the very same torrents and service the same users. [source]

Looks like more ammunition is needed. Enjoy leeching everyone!

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