Blackberry in Vietnam, from Viettel

Do you own a Blackberry? You probably do not. But I wonder if a Blackberry Pearl, which I own, is more expensive in the US than it is here in Vietnam.

From PCWorld Vietnam:

Viettel, ISP and Mobile Operator, is selling a Blackberry Pearl for VND9.9mil (USD$600), BlackBerry Curve 8320 VND12.9mil (US$750) and the 8700g for VND7.9mil (US$500).

If you want the Blackberry Internet Service with Pushmail and Smartphone, you will want to pay $30 as a subscription fee, minimum package, and the more you surf, the more you pay.

You know what, with VND2mil (US$120), I can go to the online black market (online forums where people sell Blackberries), get a decent Blackberry brought from China and if with enough luck, from the States, with a T-mobile or Cingular logo. I did that, got one from the store located at 16 Rạch Bùng Binh. It worked pretty well at first then problems arose, which led me to thinking it was not a genuine Pearl, but the service has been extremely satisfying and my Pearl is working very well now, as it were genuine.Happy customer.

The issue with buyers in Vietnam in general is that sellers are not trustworthy enough. Even at trusted stores, lies can be told. I was a victim once. It is worse when you “shop online” in those black markets. You don’t know who’s who. You will be a sheep in a matter of clicks. You will want to read as many posts and listen to as many people possible to know who’s the guy to trust your money with. I’m glad I chose the right guy.

So here comes the question. Who’s gonna buy a Blackberry that is five times as expensive as something I own. You may want to pay a little extra to get something from a certified distributor like Vietttel but 600 bucks is too much. And look at the data plans. With the second plan, I can get the best ADSL package in Vietnam, for businesses. Who’s gonna pay that for a phone? You? Not me. I can live without the Internet service. I have GPRS and can do pretty much everything I want to.

Viettel = Epic Fail.

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16 Responses to Blackberry in Vietnam, from Viettel

  1. Chip says:

    Wow the 8700 is even cheaper than the 8100.

  2. AnhHung says:

    because in Vietnam Pearl is the most popular model out of all the Blackberries. :) At least Viettel understands the market.

  3. Stephane says:

    Hello Anh Hung,
    I live in Vietnam and I just bought a Blackberry Storm in Hong Kong without a plan. I am a Mobiphone subscriber. How to unlock my Blackberry and get on the Internet + get my emails. Do I have to cancel Mobiphone and move to Viettel ? Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • AnhHung says:

      I think my seller can do that for you, i don’t know how much it will cost but probably not that expensive. Lemme get back to you when his shop returns to business after Tet, ok?

      • Steven Nguyen says:

        hi A Hung.
        A co the giup em duoc khong. Em muon download tieng Viet cho dien thoai BB curve 8320. AnhHung co the cho em website nao de download khong vay. Em cam on anhHung nhieu lam.

  4. samisami says:

    I have a BB 8320. It is unlocked and working on a Mobiphone tariff/plan. However, email is pushmail using gmail. The GPRS is very unreliable. I got my secretary to contacted Viettel and they have been useless. I wanted to ask if owners of BB i.e. recently moved to Vietnam can subscribe to a BB plan with a new Viettel number. It has been 4+ weeks and they dont know!! That is the answer we got! they dont know! I really didnt mind changing my mobile number and signing up to a Viettel number with BB service…but they want me to purchase a new BB (v expensive)….and then get the service!!).

  5. anhhung says:

    I guess buying a new BB is the only way you can do. However, if Gmail is what you're using, then you should just buy a new Viettel SIM card, register for GPRS, and set it up in your phone. That's it!

    Recently the folks on has been able to hack the Service Book, which essentially enables you to enjoy BB's native browsing, MMS, Email (PushMail) etc. but it requires some more hacks. It's easy though, but it's possible that you can have those things WITHOUT buying a prohibitive phone from Viettel.

    Contact me if you want more information on this. :-)

  6. samisami says:

    Many thanks for your response.

    I really would like to have BB service and not have to rely on the useless GPRS with Mobiphone!!

    Any contacts at that can help?

    I am using an unblocked BB 8320 Mobiphone GPRS service. Would the guys at be able to help or would I have to get a sim card from Viettel and then they hack something that allows for the BB service to be activiated?

    The crazy thing is that I dont mind paying for BB service from Viettel – but dont want to purchase ANOTHER BB (I have 2 already!)…..!!

    Any guidance would be much appreciated.


    • AnhHung says:

      You may want to take your BB to 16 Rach Bung Binh (across Lan Anh stadium). Their service is quite good. They can do the tweak for you.

  7. Steven Nguyen says:

    Hi, Can anyone help me with my Blackberry Curve 8320. I need Vietnamese version for my phone. I will give this cell phone for my cousin in Vietnam. I need vietnamese font and how can I download it in my phone. thanks

  8. Nhan says:

    Hi Anh Hung,

    I am using a BB Curve 8320, imported from US-T-Mobile.
    I am using it with my Mobiphone provider for phone, wi-fi.

    Google Apps like Maps, Gmail etc. wont work.

    POP/IMAP setup wont work, there is even no choice (setup assistant) to setup my business pop account.

    I have Considered GPRS with Mobiphone as well, but still cant setup POP3 with my BB.

    Now considering to buy a Viettel SIM-Card with BIS2: 550.000VND/month.

    Question seems to be still unanswered: Will everything work then?

    Thanks for a feedback!

  9. Jay says:

    Hi would anyone want to buy a used BlackBerry Curve 8320? lol I have found it really useless to use a blackberry here in vietnam.

  10. Yue Jen says:

    Hi, I just moved to HCMC. Have been using the BB Javelin 8900. Require comprehensive BB service. Where do I go in District 1?

  11. Loc says:

    Aj co the cho mjnh bjet kjk hoat sb ntn va download o dau ko mjnh thank rat nhjeu

  12. kimchi says:

    the battery of my blackberry is out of work, please show me where I can buy it in HCMC

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