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The Ministry of Information and Communications has let it be known that it is proposing a controlling mechanism over blogging activities with a view to not loosening Vietnamese bloggers to the wild. Certainly this is not news. Anyone knows that such a day will come sooner or later as the boom of Yahoo 360 has fueled an astounding increase in blogging activities in recent years, and it is common knowledge that the civil servants won’t let us do whatever we want.

According to Mr. Đỗ Quang Doãn, deputy minister of MIC, a blog is understood as a personal diary, so the content must be 100% personal. Other types of blogs, such as breaking news sites, blogs about economics, technology, society, etc. are considered as types of “online news sites”, as defined by the DM, and as such regulated under different laws.

Therefore, the birth of such regulation is to scientifically navigate blogging activities to a direction that the MIC sees fit, and scale down the range of topics that people can write about. Or in other words, it is to limit what people can say and give blogging a fixed definition. If you take a look at the “blog” entry on Wikipedia once again, you will see that a blog can be of any kind, and bloggers can write about anything. Certainly the same thing can not be said in a Vietnamese context.

Our hard-working civil servants know what blogging is, but their wording hints that they want to make a difference and get it right to Vietnamese bloggers that they should each be prepared to expose their personal life online, otherwise there’s nothing else for them to talk about. Or if they don’t know what blogging is all about, somebody needs to get fired :-)

By the way, by the time the legal text has been published, will no longer be considered a blog, but rather a news site, which is regulated under the online publishing law. See you people, I have to get myself to read the law. Sigh…

So, what are you writing about in the next year? I’m curious to find out as I’m completely clueless…

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