required login is highly not recommended!

Errata: thanks to Xoai and Scarlett, I’ve learnt that required-login-for-comment is set by individual users, not by the global system. Apology for BIG misunderstanding :-) is a WordPressMU-powered blogging for Vietnamese who take blogging seriously. The platform is divided into different “rooms” in which a collection of authors discuss matters of their interest such as Education and Web 2.0, just to name a few.

This morning, DucBan, a regular blogger wrote an article about how people should be frank and honest. I liked the article a lot so I scrolled down to leave a comment there, only to find out that I needed a Bnok’s username & password to do just that.

From Bnok’s point of view, it’s a way to lure individuals into blogging on their platform. Wanna leave a comment? Join us first. [My guess]

However, IMO it’s not a good way to “force” users to sign up just for one or two comments. That, in many ways, restrains people from leaving comments because they WON’T sign up only for the sake of expressing their opinion once or twice. I had the same frustration when searching for documents on the Internet and ended up finding some on forums, which, again, asked me to sign up.

The implications of such a system are:

- For writers: they are discouraged from contributing to the platform because fewer and fewer people tell them how they like/dislike their articles.

- For individuals: they are discouraged from commenting on the platform during their first visits, which may lead them to forming a poor opinion of Bnok and eventually they are hesitant to participate as an author. In effect, Bnok is not that addictive :-)

- For Bnok: they lose both bloggers and commentators.

If, however, Bnok wishes to remain exclusive and thinks it’s the best way for growth, then I have “no comment”.

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5 Responses to required login is highly not recommended!

  1. Xoai says:

    This may be Duc Ban’s setting. You should ask him for more detail. Bnok’s default setting is open for guest to comment. Please remember that Bnok users are free to customize their blogs. ;)

  2. Scarlett says:

    I’m sure that u have a big misunderstanding about bnok

    Bnok doesn’t ask u have an account to leave ur cmm, Bnok has been built by WordPress (same with this page) so nguyenducban could set his page in admin, that when have any new cmm for his entry, it needs to be approved by him…

    That’s reason why ur cmm isn’t shown immediately, wait for some times & ur cmm will be loaded. Good luck!!!

    And u should be careful when say anything, oke?

  3. Xoai says:

    @Scarlett don’t scare my friend :) )

  4. AnhHung says:

    @xoai: i’ve just added an errata :-)

    @Scarlett: Welcome to my blog! You’re among the rare ladies who visit Fresco20. I’m delighted, seems like misunderstanding can get people together :D

  5. dlead says:

    @Scarlett take it easy :D behold the age of blogger :D ( i guess you already known )

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