Buy Backlinks or Get Backlinks with GSA Search Engine Ranker

How do you buy backlinks or get backlinks to your site? If you’ve come to this page, you must be:

  • Looking for a way to buy backlinks or get backlinks to support your SEO effort
  • seeing the power of GSA Search Engine Ranker in terms of link building (yes, I’m using GSA SER to get backlinks to boost this page ranking!)

So the short answer: you buy GSA Search Engine Ranker to get backlinks automatically, 24/7/360. It’s basically a set-it-and-forget-it tool that is the #1 piece of software in any SEO’s portfolio.

What exactly is GSA SER?

With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to care about backlinks again. This software can run endlessly and get backlinks for you 7 days a week.

Unlike other SEO tools it will not need any database of submission sites. It will find new websites for you and submit your website to them automatically.

But GSA SER doesn’t stop there. It will also verify website submissions, making sure that the link was really placed. After a while you can review all the created backlinks with all attributes like the anchor text, number of incoming and outgoing links, type of backlink (dofollow or nofollow).

Buy Backlinks - Get Backlinks - GSA Search Engine Ranker

What are some of the features?

  • get backlinks fully automatically
  • no fixed database of submission sites, all dynamic related to your keywords
  • backlinking sites will always be related to your keyword and website
  • anchor text of backlinks is always related to your keyword
  • only submit to sites that match your settings (e.g. high Page Rank)
  • automatically tells search engines to update there index of the backlinking website after a submission has been verified
  • set it up once and never care about getting backlinks again
  • it never stops building backlinks unless you want to
  • very easy to use (just 3 fields to fill in and start the backlink hunting)
  • free lifetime updates and lifetime license
  • expandable script engine (expect a lot updates by us and other customers)
  • usesSpinnerChief to create none duplicate content.
  • can use CaptchaSniper and also external Captcha Services
  • supports over 100 platforms to submit your site


GSA Search Engine Ranker is a ONE TIME purchase and requires absolutely no monthly recurring fee! You can get a free 5-day trial here. The full-fledged software costs $99.

What do real users say about the tool?

I use this myself but you can check out these reviews below:

I get #1 Google SE for some keywords. One of them has local search 4400 and its competitors have PR 8 with 6 digit backlinks, etc. Since my website sells Christmas gifts, it rocks

Actual user review on GSA Forum

“GSA SER is really a good investment with tons of features and many supported platforms. It doesn’t just get backlinks from blog comments, but from images, wikis, social bookmarks, indexer, articles, etc. And it’s all automated! Needs a little more time setting up. But after that, it’s smooth sailing. Works best with CaptchaSniper or any other captcha-solving service and GSA Indexer.”

Actual user review on Blackhatworld forum

“I got this for the 99$ price. I’ve been running it 24/7 on my powerful dedicated server. Getting over 1000 backlinks already. About 50-60% of the links are from domain pr5+. Awesome tool. I got tuns of .edu backlinks too.”

Actual user review on Blackhatworld forum

“I have been using GSA Search Engine Ranker for about 3 months now. I have 79 sites currently being done, via 3 copies, all running on their own VPS. I use Captcha Sniper and DeathByCaptcha on all 3. The tool is amazing to get backlinks for you. I own pretty much all the big tools, a lifetime subscription to SENukeX, UD, many copies of Scrapebox, and just about everything else. I still use them to some extent, but GSA Search Engine Ranker has changed the way I do everything. It is now the most important tool I have, and the one I rely on the most. There is no other tool out there that is as good, fast, stable, and easy to use, not to mention it’s way cheaper than if you buy backlinks. The amount of support the community gives in another thread here on BHW, and the support GSA gives via email is amazing. With proper configuration, and usage, this tool can replace 90% of your backlinking work with something completely automated. It is worth way more than the $99 that is being asked.”

Actual user review on Blackhatworld forum

“Owned the software for a few months. I would say it is fire and forget but the dev is such a beast updates are released almost daily. I am not sure how he is possible with the exception of daily uses of crystal meth mixed with bath salts. Sick program must have.  My only regret is the dev doesnt release more software I can use. I want him to have my money. Awesome product to get backlinks!”

Actual user review on Blackhatworld forum

“I’ve used this piece of kit for a while and its by far one of the best. I’ve ranked easier for more competitive terms in a shorter number of time, than I have using SnukeX and SB and a couple of others.”

Actual user review on WarriorForum 

“This software is very powerul and super easy to use. Go get it.”

Actual user review on WarriorForum

Buy Backlinks - Get Backlinks - GSA Search Engine Ranker

So, don’t just buy backlinks and lose money, grab GSA Search Engine Ranker and it will get backlinks for you on autopilot. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comment below!

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