Can’t stop having fun with Twitter

This morning I read Guy Kawasaki’s advice on how to pick up followers. I wasn’t quite sure if I should follow it or not. But well, I headed to Twitterati on Alltop and followed every single one of them. That was about 130 twitters in total. The whole process took about one hour to complete (I’m so thankful to the one who invented tab browsing!).

For me, I used to prefer quality to quantity. It was a hard decision to make at first. But then well, I just did it.

Initially I told myself “Hung, you’re going nuts! What’s the point of following a bunch of guys who you have no clue about?”

A few minutes later:”This is just wrong. But I have to do it. I have a cause to support. And sometimes I need to have guts”.

Then,  some of them followed me back, sent me DMs to say hi and thank me for following them and along the way I figured out I was following a lot of cool people. At least if they don’t follow me, I can learn something from them.

There was an Italian guy who said he liked my blog, especially the name, it reminded him of the renaissance, or because of the strength of my About me page. I was crazily happy with that!

Later on @shelisrael, , co-author of Naked Conversations, was live covering the Churchill Club in which @ev, co-founder of Twitter, was talking about where the company was standing and what it had in mind for future revenue streams. A few hours later that talk was covered by CNet. It was great to know about the speech in much more details!

During the following spree, I got to talk to @neenz, the chief evangelist of Alltop. I found out why Fresco20 couldn’t be listed on Vietnam.Alltop: I had to write about current news :( But he was very responsive and I’m glad to have talked to him.

Until now, I have 40 new followers, a few of them were not on Twitterati but I guess for some reason they found out about me on the process. 40/120 is not a bad proportion for me, considering the sheer magnitude of quality these Social Media gurus have :-)

It was a transformation process from being nervous and in doubt to having fun and enjoying it. Even though following the conversations and getting the new friends into my network have suddenly become quite a challenge, I feel empowered to be a part of something new, and twitter has become a constant source of knowledge, friendship, and entertainment.

Bottom line: you never know it until you do it. Take the risk, and see how things work out eventually.

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