It’s too late to appologize

Inspired by @ducban ‘s tweet ;)

Wait, is that a typo? It should have been: “It’s too late to apologize” :-) People make mistakes sometimes. But for, an exclusive network for business leaders and industry experts, that was such a shame.

Firstly, they sent out a total number of 15 messages on Nov 25 with the same content informing members of peers’ updates. For Gmail users, that wasn’t a problem because all of them were packaged into one thread only. This is why I love Gmail. But for an executive to have received that “much” information, they wouldn’t have liked it. It was not difficult to see there was something wrong with the server and the spamming was a sign of system instability. But do the high-profilers care? I guess not.

The next day, Caravat CEO sent out another message to appologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused. Well, did they use a spellchecker? [For a blogger it is even unacceptable to commit typos, tough job :( ]

The letter read:

As Caravat community becomes much more active recently, we notice that there’re still some system errors, for instant yesterday morning, you might receive more than one Caravat Broadcast emails with the same content.
We do appology for any inconvenience that may cause and thank you for your support.
Best regards,
This was not a good piece of writing by any professional standard. should pay more attention to correspondence if they want to be perceived as what they strive to become. For the time being, they need to get a good spellcheck :-)

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8 Responses to It’s too late to appologize

  1. charvey says:

    Guilty as charged, Anh Hung. It was an appalling error and extremely unprofessional. We will be running spellcheck without fail in the future.

  2. GoogleAlerter says:

    “The next day, Caravat CEO sent out another message to appolize for …”

    Check out yours with the “appolize” too, dude, especially when you are commenting on other’s spelling. This is funny.

    Please note this entry’s posting time:
    Filed Under (Social Media) by AnhHung on 27-11-2008
    in case you would like to correct that mistake. Nice day ;)

  3. AnhHung says:

    GoogleAlerter: yeah, this was funny. Because i used the typo on purpose. Didn’t you notice the bold letters? :D Thanks for checking this blog out ;)

  4. Han Vuong says:

    Chào Anh Hung,
    Sau khi đọc bài viết của anh nói về Caravat em thấy rất thú vị. Anh có thể gửi cho em 1 thư mời để em vào xem thử được không?

  5. GoogleAlerter says:

    Of course I see the “double p” in bold. But I don’t mean it, what I mean is it should be “appologize”, not “appolize”. Could you see the difference between the 2 words? Anyway, this is childish thing and just for fun in free time. I just don’t feel like blaming my own house, or try to enter a house then try to find out what in it that sucks and shout out to others outside because I don’t imagine that people will admire or thank me for that as well as welcome me to their house in the future :) I think you don’t, either. Sending a private email to their webmaster to tell them about the problem to help them improve is a more generous action of a real “social media expert” in this case. Be a man, my friend. Nice to know you :)

  6. GoogleAlerter says:

    Oops.. Comment is awaiting moderation :( It’s not like the way it used to be huh. This is a nice blog with nice discussions. Be open, guy :)

  7. AnhHung says:

    Yeah, I agree with what you said. if I took the matter seriously I would have sent them a letter. :P And if I send them letters whenever I figure out something, what should I write about in this blog? Trying to be entertaining :D

    You want me to be open? I would. But recently I have received a lot of pingbacks from stupid websites that I simply don’t want them to be displayed on my site. Plus, if you ask people to be open, you should be open first. Don’t mask yourself by that funny nickname “GoogleAlerter”.

    I’m trying to make this blog as nice as possible. But please understand that blogs like mine in Vietnam are just kicking off so there was no “used to”. If you followed the recent developments in how this country would moderate blogs, you would understand why certain mechanisms are being applied to prevent this place from vanishing for no reason.

    So, take it as it is. Plus, a “social media expert” sounds like a luxury to me. ;)

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