recommendation & university list bugs

Today Joseph recommended me to Van Tran, product manager of After reading the recommendation letter, I was presented with 3 options: reply, accept, deny.

I was so eager that I sent Van a message just to say “hi”, only to find out that I couldn’t accept his goodwill because the Accept button was nowhere to be found! It was there before. I was a little nervous. I felt bad because I couldn’t befriend with him. Wanted to invite him back but I didn’t know his email address.

By the way Daniel was unhappy with Caravat, he said:

caravat made me scroll through a list of 500 US universities (not even in alphabetical order!), and didn’t disclose their review process.

I’m sure Caravat team knows how to fix these stuffs :-)

By the way, you can follow Danial [Dan for short] at:

He’s a good guy and willing to help if Caravat wants to get some of his advice. He also had some frustration with Vietnamworks too:

VNworks wasted about 45 min of my time so far by losing my job postings and logging me out again and again.

And even Cyvee: giving me a server runtime error right for the past half hour. I’m breaking everyone’s sites today

Haha, looks like our “Daniel” was singing “I had a bad day” yesterday :-)

Just a quick thought though: why don’t Vietnamworks and start using Twitter?

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