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Hiring: Mobile Developer, Flash Developer & System Administrator

A friend of mine is currently looking for exceptional Developers to join her startup. IMHO, it’s a great place to work with lots of opportunities for growth. Experience is a plus, but definitely not mandatory. If you’re just out of school and seeking some amazing mobile development projects to work on, this is definitely worth consideration. And you get to hang out with cool people too (wink). Continue reading

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WOW Vinabook!

Seconds (I really mean it, SECONDS!) after I pressed the “check out” button, Vinabook called me to confirm the purchase and reminded me that because my house is in the outskirts of HCMC, I would have to pay additional cost for postage, which was fine. Continue reading

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Visky: what to do with one million dollars?

Launch another product. Launch yet another product. Keep launching untill the money is done for. Continue reading

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Muffy: an information service provider that differs from the rest

Muffy. A widget that works on both blogging and mobile platforms. It’s a very simple but powerful concept. Continue reading

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Sneaking into the Cloud

We had our first Cloud Computing Conference last Saturday, co-hosted by the Twitter Community in Vietnam and, a new initiative from Vinapo that hopefully could bring cloud computing to the average Joe (Joe? Eh?) Continue reading

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Vietnam Starter-Kit

Ok, so if you’re a tech guy thinking about moving to Vietnam (for a short or long while), I hope this post can be of good help in showing you where to start. Continue reading

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Baomoi Mobile: news on the go

Just as any mobile application for Web services, users should be asked to login as Baomoi Mobile initiates. Being able to read the “Web interface” from your mobile phone is a nice idea. However, Baomoi Web also provides a personalization feature that lets you choose your categories, keywords, and sources of choice. I want to have this kind of experience on my Pearl. I want to read the exact kind of news that is relevant to me, rather than having to scrawl through hundreds of articles, most of which are not what I want to. Basically, instead of trying to replicate the Web experience, the mobile app should be the “homepage” of users, featuring news that they’ve chosen to read. My personal Baomoi Mobile. Continue reading

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Unconference 2009

The “Unconference” is e27′s flagship event and the 2009 version will be the 7th time we have held it since 2006. Styled after DEMO or more Techcrunch50, we want to showcase Asia-based web startups and provide the growing community a chance to mingle, cross-pollinate ideas and learn from each other’s market experience. Past startup demos and attendees include Wego (funded by NewsCorp AU in 2008), FirstMeta the virtual-world only bank, Tencube a mobile security service, Nuffnang the #1 blog-focused ad network in Southeast Asia and featured in Businessweek’s Top 25 Young Asian Entrepreneurs of 2008. Continue reading

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Yahoo 360 and Fairy Tales

The book called “Don’t make me think” makes a lot of sense. This post is to help me write down some of the important points the book’s conveyed to me. Part of Yahoo 360′s success boils down to these things: … Continue reading

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Vietnamese search engines: late comers that don’t win

Rick and I have gone to great lengths to discuss local search engines such as I guess it’s time we shared what we think about SEs. Before it’s too late. Linguistics It’s easy to realize that in order to … Continue reading

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