Close-up: “The quest for love”

Unilever, the largest FMCG company in Vietnam, and its advertising agency LOWE have jointly written the worst beginning chapter of Social Media Marketing in Vietnam through its “The quest for love” campaign for the Close-up brand.

The campaign’s theme was: a boy met a girl at the bus stop and fell in love with her. He then did everything to find her, via blogs, video clips, forums, etc. Sound familiar?

It was quite a success judging by the excitement spurring up in the online community. On the downside, it was totally written by the LOWE team and the story was deliberately spread by hired bloggers and writers.

The whole script can be found here. Just click on the pictures and you’ll get the full leaked story.

In a nutshell, LOWE’s harnessed the power of social media in the old way. Their campaign violated one vital rule of Social Media Marketing: authenticity. This once again proves Seth Godin’s point: “marketeers are liars

Such a campaign may have long-term implications for the emerging Social Media Marketing trend as companies may try to either simulate the same fake success or avoid it for fear of the consequences they may encounter if they get it wrong. This happens at a time when local businesses are really paying attention to this new way of marketing themselves.

Key takeaway: In Vietnam, at this very point, Social Media Marketing is truly effective if conducted correctly.

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One Response to Close-up: “The quest for love”

  1. Tyfoon says:

    I’ve read all the story behind this campaign of Close-up. Whether the story is fake or true, I still find this campaign very interesting ^^

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