Critical bug in

Blocked users can still get back to via a fresh invitation from other users. This doesn’t happen with forums at all where blocked users can’t even register with another username.

Yesterday I received a ThankYou letter from Caravat. I was wondering what nice things I’d done so far that caused such a letter to enter my inbox. I’m always a positive guy. This is what was written in the letter:

Dear Hung Nguyen,

Thank you for your interest in joining – the exclusive network of business leaders and industry experts.

Based on the information you provided, our membership committee has decided to withhold membership approval at this time. We currently apply strict criteria for membership to maintain Caravat exclusivity and to ensure meaningful communication among high level users.

We believe you will be able to join us in the next few years.

Please contact us if you think there is some oversight or if your position changes and we would be happy to review your application.

Caravat Team – Where leaders meet!!

So this is the typical ThankYou letter you find in the corporate world, it means: you are out! :-)

This goes against the Barcampt spirit!!! Ok, I’m just kidding. That’s their network and they can do whatever they want with it. I guess it’s because I put myself as an undergraduate, they filtered me out.

This morning, John Berns, organizer of Barcamp Bangkok, invited me back to Caravat because he wanted to TEASE me lol. Funny enough, I was able to get back on without a hassle. This time I changed my position to Project Co-leader of E-learner Platform 2.0 and Organizer of BarcampSaigon. I wonder if this is enough, or Caravat only hangs out with business leaders, which is most likely the case.

Anyway, we all think that this is a critical bug in’s system. They should prevent blocked users from entering their site again. It’s a matter of user management.

This bug report has been sent to Caravat Team, which is in essense this entry :-)

P/S: You see, I’m still a nice guy, doing a favor for those who denied my presence on their community. However, if this happens again, I will give them a similar review to this. is an exclusive network, but those who manage to get in has credentials, let alone the fact that I was invited by the creator of this network. Looks like the people there are gonna screw up his product.

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8 Responses to Critical bug in

  1. Thanh NGuyen says:

    Dear Anh Hung,

    First of all, thank you for letting us know your feedback. We actually haven’t done the system logic as tight as it should be. You are nice enough to share this is in a positive way and we definitely would fix this .

    Regarding the point you mentioned that Caravat system can still allow “liars” to be in , my answer is “Yes, we do”. Because if a user’s conscious choice is lying just to be in touch with other high profile people, we rather let him “live with that lying and bear the cost himself” than invest a lot of resource to check every one if they lie or not. They can not be in touch with anyone (as well as doing business as the ultimate objective ) with that lying info. Caravat is not only exclusive to enter but also exclusive to contact others and definitely a trusted base community. You gain trust from people by lying, you lose that trust very soon:).

    I hope this is clear and look forward to getting your continuous support. Be in touch and may be I’ll see you at Barcamp

  2. AnhHung says:

    Dear Thanh,

    I’m impressed by your responsiveness. It showed us that’s CEO really cares about their product :-)

    I’m against lying too. That’s why I put myself as a student before. But yeah, liars will be punished eventually because ethics is a crucial part of doing business.

    I wish all the best for and look forwarding to seeing you at BarcampSaigon.

    Sure, I’ll keep in my watchlist .

  3. TaiTran says:

    Dear Ms. Thanh,

    You raised the concern of user inputting fake information only to get in Caravat and I believe this issue has always been put on Caravat team table during product development.

    However, I don’t see this point explicitly mentioned in Hung’s original entry… His point was not about “lying”, but about his application being rejected because he was an undergraduate student and not yet a full-time professional. Please confirm this point Hung – thanks.

    I’d like to extend our discussion to the criteria Caravat uses to determine eligibility of applicants.

    I believe that you, dear Ms. Thanh – as a high executive of Navigos – have met extraordinary students who have achieved tremendous and professional successes in their part-time jobs, business affairs, voluntary projects and NGO programs… even when they haven’t completed their tertiary education. My question is how Caravat takes this as an input to selection criteria?

    For your reference, I am naming with their permissions two highly talented whose applications have recently been rejected: Hung Nguyen, author of this blog and Ninh Nguyen, Product Manager of Vietnam Communications Corporation.

    I am We are looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,
    Tai Tran
    Caravat Member

  4. Chip says:

    Well, I was rejected too. I felt a bit frustrated at first but after thinking for a while, I decided to take it easy. I’m not famous, and the fact that they don’t know me is not my or their fault. At least it shows that Caravat team are trying their best to keep the exclusiveness of their site (though their method is not totally perfect yet).
    Anyway Caravat is just another sns. Who knows one day their CEO has to invite me in person :)

  5. AnhHung says:

    @TaiTran: You are right. I was surprised when Ms. Thanh mentioned the “liar” factor but I guess she was trying to prove that lying doesn’t help anyone in the long term. I have no objection to this point whatsoever since I did put myself as a student and that’s why I was disinfected :D

    However, I find it bizarre that started to filter out those who were not considered worthy members when they haven’t even come out of Pre-Alpha yet. Does it seem a bit impatient and make potential members “nervous”? I’m sure there are better ways to do this and I would highly recommend take some time to communicate with its members before any major decision is made. That way we’re aware of what needs to be done and act accordingly. The filter idea was not a bad one but how it was done illustrated quite an amount of haste and immaturity. People wouldn’t be surprised because this is a new start-up. But if you want to be a social network for professionals, you yourself have to be professional first.

    Oh btw, thanks for the complement :-)

    @Chip: I’m sure that day will come very soon.

  6. Quang, Mai Duy says:

    actually, it’s not a CRITICAL bug !!!! =))

    just the policy ;)

  7. Thanh NGuyen says:

    Hi every one.

    Sorry that I can come back to our conversation any earlier:).

    Wow, it amaze me how you guy really put your thought into Thanks for that.

    The site is developed by a “small group of product people” and now is serving a “fast growing community”, so of course there will be cases that not make every body happy at the same time. Have you heard of the rule (80/20:))?

    @ Tai tran: pls understand that by no reason we want to underestimate the role of students – our future leaders. It’s just that at this moment, we are more prioritize the other group who has strong concern that “energetic student spam them all the time”. We actually are already in contact with some student group and will consider in the future some group application.

    @Chip: As far as I know both Tai and Hung has been in pls let me know some of your detail info, I can send you my invitation (yes, as you wish:)

    I hope that you all will be our strong supporters. We definitely will have user focus group to gather more feeback and comments. So I look forward to invite you guy for this. As I might not able to be as responsive as I wish sometime, hence if you have any further comment, just pls drop me a mail at, i would able to come back quicker. Thanks

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