Đại Nam Park – Vietnam top man-made tourism spot

Located in Thủ Dầu Một, Bình Dương – < = 50 kilometers away from HCMC center, Đại Nam park is poised to become Vietnam's top man-made tourism spot, boasting a mixture of modern and traditional architecture.

The amusement park takes the form of a historical Vietnamese citadel, with huge walls surrounding itself. Upon entrance we were greeted with great buildings, as can be seen in the pictures below:

Nearby the ticket booth there’s pretty big shopping center where various items are being offered.

We started our tour after lunch in the Snow World, -15 degree Celsius in the Entertainment section.

But overall I was particularly impressed with the Đại Nam Open Zoo. It is way better than the current Zoo in Ho Chi Minh City. There’re many unique animals, and they are kept in an open theme. We could stay very close to the animals.

The second part of the Open Zoo is under construction. In future, Đại Nam Open Zoo not only aims to provide visitors with a “Safari experience”, but it also hopes to educate the young generation about wild life and preservation.

Đại Nam first opened in early September after the first construction phrase was complete. We could see construction sites and machines along the way. They’ve built 3 out of 6 main blocks so there will be more to witness soon. In the meantime, You can spend half a day watching animal and enjoying a traditional Vietnamese atmosphere alongside modern air.

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14 Responses to Đại Nam Park – Vietnam top man-made tourism spot

  1. Rebyn says:

    My friend once recommended me to visit this park this Lunar New Year. And I objected.

    Climbing over Bà Đen mountain vs this, which one is better? ;D

  2. Rebyn says:

    In addition to your reply you must have imply that you’re such an old and weakiie man huh =)?

  3. AnhHung says:

    Do I look that old lolz? Just because I went there with my family ;)

  4. Jason says:

    The owner of this entertainment complex is probably the richest man in Vietnam :)

  5. AnhHung says:

    @jasonlog: the owner is: “Dũng lò vôi”. The man and this place are very controversial. You can Google for him ;)

    He spent US$200mil on the complex …

  6. Zán says:

    Both Ba Den and Dai Nam will be crowded of ppl in this Lunar New Year,I’d prefer staying at home :D

  7. AnhHung says:

    Đại Nam is a huge place, each block is 1km away from the others. All visitors are transported by free electronic mini-trucks. The only problem is if it’s too crowded, there won’t be enough trucks, and you’ll have to walk lolz

  8. Rebyn says:

    I prefer helicopter =)

  9. FRED says:


  10. Van says:

    Hi, i’m a foreigner here in VN. Can somebody tell me how to get Dai Nam park? is there any travel agency that provide the transportation there?

  11. AnhHung says:

    sure, there’re quite a few bus routes from the city. Please go to the central bus station (across the Bến Thành market) and ask for the one that takes you directly to the park. No sweat!

  12. PS says:

    Would it be recommended to stay over in Dai Nam Park to enjoy all the facilities

  13. kate says:

    I can’t find.help me please. When does it open?

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