DDTH.COM is down, what happened?

Rumors have spread around that DDTH.COM, the largest Vietnamese IT forum, was hacked. The front page now reads: “DDTH.COM is being upgraded, please come back later”.

If you’ve noticed it, Fresco20 has been down for almost two days. The reason is simple, both DDTH.COM and this blog are being hosted by Digipower, a Vietnamese hosting provider. If the hack was true, it might have affected a large percentage of Digipower’s servers as even the homepage of the provider was down. TaiTran’s blog was also down. :(

5 years ago malicious attacks initiated by “hackers’ associations” were a common news source for the press. They fought each other to determine who “ruled” the IT world in Vietnam. Apart from these you-hack-me-and-I-hack-you activities (mostly DDOS and Botnets), a certain number of raids were mounted upon large Vietnamese websites, including those of the governments, by those who wanted to prove themselves. This had thus entitled the local hackers to a very notorious status of  “saboteurs”, feared and hated.


Since then, however, there’s seldom been any disturbance in the force. Those once feared hackers have retired to be security advisors or IT experts serving businesses around the country. Some remain as groups of hackers who mostly do further research or hacking into systems “just for fun and no harm”. HVAOnline, or the Hacker Vietnam Association is now serving 132,330 members and >1000 users are online at any given time.

It remains to be seen whether or not DDTH.COM or Digipower’s servers were hacked. But I’ll give my service provider a phone call tomorrow. Nobody likes down time :)

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