Different web services, different purposes

I’ve blogged 4 entries in the last 3 days on Y!360: Vietnamese, about life, for friends who’ve just got out of university like me and need a little sense of direction. You won’t probably  be interested in writings for twenty something kids like those. Y!360 receives very low ratings from me as a web service, but in a market where Yahoo dominates in any segment they’re present, you just can’t leave your friends behind and migrate your entire 2.0 life to a fancy service like Twitter, or Fresco20 (oh I’ve just given F20 a nice descriptive adjective).

As I wrote along, I came to realize that when you wrote with all you had, stuffs like grammar or vocab didn’t count. And I’ve never considered myself a good Vietnamese writer. But it suddenly dawned on me that after a long time blogging in English, my Vietnamese writing skill has also improved. So one tip for non-native writers like me, as long as you enjoy your writing, your shortcomings won’t be a problem. The funny thing is my friends have started to think I’m gonna explode Y!360 with the writing frequency. Though if you’ve followed F20 for  a while, you’ll know that 3 entries per day is the standard :P

Chris Brogan, my new friend, put it like this. You should not only try to be thoughtful, but also helpful. I hope I’ve helped my friends a lot with my writings. And I hope this entry will be helpful to you too.

I mean, Twitter is mostly to communicate with my Tech friends, Fresco20 serves the same purpose, Facebook is for mostly non-tech friends who reside overseas, Y!360 is for friends who go to school together. Different tools, different purposes. You should divide your time in a way that allows you to listen to different voices, and talk to different people. Because if you don’t, you will lose some important aspects of your digital life. The same thing applies to reality. At times I want to get away from the computer and hang out with friends. That’s more important. Face-to-face communication is still the best.

How to allocate your time depends on you. Well, it’s tough to be equal, so prioritize. I spend most of my time with F20, then Twitter, then Facebook, but recently I’ve been with Y!360. It all depends on another factor: timing. When to put this or that at the top of your to do list.

Oh, and I’ve got important emails to write too.

These things sound like casual things to you. But for techy people like us, we have a tendency to forget other things. So please pay your non-tech friends a little more attention if you haven’t done so :) I hope this post is redundant.

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2 Responses to Different web services, different purposes

  1. Khanh Le says:

    The word “web services” here is misleading. I think just “services” is fine.

  2. AnhHung says:

    If you look at the examples, then it’s not :)

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