Don’t turn your tweets into feeds.

It’s a common practice that online newspapers or digg-like aggregators turn their tweets into feeds to keep their followers informed of what’s happening around the world. While this is a good move, exchanging conversations with your reader is a better one.

For example, take a look at The Independence, a small newspaper in Nebraska. They’re actually taking the time to “talk directly” to their readers instead of using twitterfeed to dispatch news alerts (and they also have a custom background, nice!). Isn’t it what Twitter is supposed to be used for? It’s a conversational tool for mutual benefits. I find it amazing that one day we can talk to the people behind a newspaper such as VnExpess, TuoiTre, Dantri on Twitter instead of having to phone them everytime we want to have a word with them. On the other hand, it’s the best way for a newspaper to know of what their readers are really thinking about their service or a particular piece of news. Or even better, get *news* from readers beside monitoring twitter search. By doing this, they know what to write about and adjust themselves.

Mr. Tuấn (?) from Baomoi, is doing just that. However, the account is being leveraged into a rather personal device. It’s more about casual chit-chats than a business tool. I’ve heard a lot from Chip that this company is pretty cool. I wonder if @baomoi will some day let the world know how cool they are via their tweets. And in fact I don’t see the business side of @baomoi, so my recommendation is that Mr. Tuan (?) should go into a direction in which the tweets are both personal and businesslike: demonstrating the technology and discussing interesting news, just to name a few ideas :-)

Unfortunately, the the folks at Linkhay, Tagvn, or even CNetNews, are being a bit impersonal. If we want to get the feeds, we will do that by firing up our favorite feed reader and subscribing to you. What’s the point of having our Twhirl stuffed by countless feeds? Please put a human face on your twitter page :-) And until you do that, we’ll follow you. For now, no, thanks.

Oh, also check out a very nice post on “Why I love Twitter” from Tim O’Reilly’s blog.

My two cents :-)

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6 Responses to Don’t turn your tweets into feeds.

  1. Xoai says:

    Yeah, you are still able to talk with people behind the scene. For ex, me or @javacola behind LinkHay, @tradaonline behind bnok, @epi_longo behind baomoi and many others. We’re happy to talk with you about our products personally. But it’s hard to maintain a Twitter account for business manually. That requires a whole team work like customer support. I haven’t seen any @cnn, @bbc, … do something like that. Even @breakingnewson, I also can talk with its editors @RodrigoMx and @MPoppel easily.

  2. AnhHung says:

    @xoai: that’s why i used the phrase: “took the time”. Certainly it requires a lot of efforts to have such a thing going but eventually it will pay off.

    Certainly we know you guys are behind the products but the product’s account itself should also have a human voice, we like conversations :-)

  3. Tuan says:

    @anhhung : Thanks for your recommendation. Actually I do not want @baomoi to be a business or somewat PR twitter account. I just want to make friend, share some ideas and make conversations with u guys. Of course, when the topic is about Baomoi we’ll be very happy :-) , watever they are, positive or negative.

  4. AnhHung says:

    @baomoi : then we can talk more personally because I was under the impression that it was for business purposes. good to know :-)

  5. Tuan says:

    Yeah, just Micheal Learn To Tweet for our guys behind Baomoi. Love to follow you :-)

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