E-commerce assignment 1.0

E-commerce is my last subject at university and actually I’ve been quite excited about it. It’s the only subject that is technology-related that I can understand what the entire class hasn’t got the slightest idea about. There were lectures on digital signature, security, front and back-end of an e-commerce system. What I don’t like about the course is the teacher keeps talking (literally) and we don’t have a chance to participate. Our assignment is to build a commercial website that sells anything (except for drugs and prostitution ) using XAMPP, Joomla, and the VirtueMart extension.

After talking to @saigonnezumi, I learnt that in the States and elsewhere people will build the site on the school’s server and the teacher will grade the assignment online. Unfortunately, we have to do it locally, then make a copy of the production site to a CD and submit it to our teacher, then she’ll extract the site, run it, and if she’s happy with it, we get good grades.

On the one hand, it is very old school and demonstrates a fatal lack of technical expertise from our school. Our teacher boasts that ours is the best school when it comes to e-commerce training. A lot of people are helping the part of the government that’s responsible for developing e-commerce in Vietnam. The only proof I can refer to is a rather thick textbook that cover a range of topics. :)

On the other hand, this is rather techy for the rest of us who have never used a computer for a technical assignment before. It sounds pretty cool but people, as usual, just don’t care. They want to finish school off, get out of it like they want to get out of hell, find a job, and make some money. This is called real “reputation”.

Anyway, I don’t expect the site building process to be tough, I’ll probably play with some nice Joomla theme. Perhaps what makes Joomla as popular as it is today is the many amazing themes it has. Back then in first year, my friend and I used to run a e-book (illegal of course ) website on Joomla and when it reached 600 visits a day, the site crashed. I wonder if it’s still that resource-intensive because E-leaner 2.0 will also be built around Joomla.


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2 Responses to E-commerce assignment 1.0

  1. Dan says:

    The real question is: what is your store going to sell?

  2. AnhHung says:

    hi Dan, we’re gonna sell some usd100 computer that consumes as low as 1W/h electricity. it can be sold in real life but i’m not going to the pc business :)

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