E-learner Platform 2.0 is coming soon

It’s been three weeks from the First Twitter Gathering, two weeks from Barcamp Phnom Penh, and our team is making good progress. I’ve talked to a lot of people, and learnt so many things, which eventually are incorporated into the finalized plan, which is due this October the 15th.

Tony from GHP said his boss wanted to donate computers to our project so we’re sending him our proposal very soon.

Kevin said he would link me up with some of his friends who could help with setting up linux labs and fund-raising in the US.

Rick, from Peacesoft, is an amazing person to talk to, he gave so many suggestions, which help me figure out things to be done.

Paola is a university lecturer in IT, who has a lot of experience in education.

Tim is another PhD guy who is working for different development centers around Asia, also someone very well versed in IT and education.

Nhu, a former Google’s account strategist, has been one of the earliest people I talked to about my project, and offered tremendous amount of help. Her outstanding creativity and strategic thinking has helped me in pushing this project forward. No wonder why she worked for Google. Will miss her as she’s coming back to Dubin for a new career path.

And finally, Matt, a sophomore from UPenn who is attempting double major in Computer Science and Finance. Considering his age, it’s hard to believe he’s so mature. Only 17 :) Matt has been with me since the birth of the project, and certainly has been a great company.

I’m probably meeting up with more people and surely believe a lot of things will come out of such meetings. But it’s the fun to enjoy along the way, plus the hard work that sometimes really drains my energy. It’s totally fine though.

If you haven’t talked to me, read my previous blog entries, or been to any twitter gathering, you are probably asking what we’re doing.

Basically we’re attempting to bring Open Source & Web 2.0 technologies to education. The outcome is kids are well educated and trained so that they are both good people and good IT workers in the future. As we’re moving along, tit’s a battle between education and training and between a rounded approach and a targeted approach on specific IT skills.

It’s a question I have to answer and a solution has to be come up with before the 15, but well, let’s see how life goes out, as long as we’re doing something good, answers will turn up along the way. But, it can always be better.

I met Thao, CEO & Chairman of CNC software, an inventment and high tech company in Hanoi, Chip’s friend (god, she knows a lot of high-profilers!), and he gave me very good advice: just do it, planning is good, but do it and just do it. I can see how he’s become a CEO :-)

Ok, so as long as October 15th comes, we’ll do it and see how things go. Will post the finalized plan as soon as it’s available.

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4 Responses to E-learner Platform 2.0 is coming soon

  1. Chip says:

    Congrats, Hùng. You’re an amazing guy. But what about Google 10 (100), still remember to join it?

  2. Soben says:

    Amazing project!

    Let’s see how we (e-learning geeks) can keep in touch between Cambodia and Vietnam.

  3. AnhHung says:

    @Chip: thanks, i’ll keep that in mind, it’s a huge challenge, but worth trying.

    @Soben: let’s keep in touch, we’ll see if we can work together someday.

  4. truongthehe says:

    [b][color=#008040]Giải pháp cho trẻ em Khuyết Tật[/color][/b]
    Dự tranh giải GOOGLE 10^100
    Thế Hệ xé một mẩu tin tình cờ đọc trên báo Tuổi Trẻ trong hành trình Món Quà Cho Quê Hưong 2008.
    Lúc đó chưa có một ý niệm làm cách nào để có thể dự tranh.
    Về tới Úc châu, Thế Hệ vội vã thu gom các hình ảnh có được từ cô nhi viện THÁNH AN để kịp nộp trong ngày cuối cùng.
    Theo lịch trình đầu tiên thì Google đã công bố kết quả sơ khởi trong tháng HAI 2009.
    Rồi hoãn đến thánh TƯ, và bây giờ vẫn chưa công bố.
    Có trên 150,000 ý kiến dự tranh.
    Thế Hệ bắt đầu bằng phương pháp Tượng Hình Việt Nam vui nhộn, trẻ em 2 tuổi và trẻ khuyết tật có thể học dễ dàng.
    Dưới đây là nội dung dự tranh:

    Children are able to read before knowing how to write.
    With new improved features, disabled children will start our program with ease.
    Our Playing Based Learning Format will offer
    *-Mental Preventative Measures.
    *-Early Intervention Therapy
    This beginning is a significant factor which will make decisive changes relevant to the life of disabilities. It will contribute to new psychological forms which:
    *- Decrease pessimism and negativism.
    *- Develop and resume confidence, optimism.
    *- Help them recover normal education and regain confidence.
    The card enables a keyboard to be modified into a 2-key keyboard, a 4-key keyboard etc . . .
    After one month, children will be introduced to more challenging program: the Transitional Spelling.
    Disabled children of the world can use our English version.
    Active lessons in music and other disabled children videos are presented on truongthehe channel.
    See more on “Modified Keyboard”, “Special Paralysed” and “Paralysed & Disabled” on truongthehe channel
    *** What problem or issue does your idea address?
    Opportunity: A Solution for Children of Disabilities.
    Health: Active learning, Over Weight Control, Mental Preventative Measures.
    Education: Children can read before knowing how to write: Improving imaginative power & Confidence. With newly added transitional cards, two year old can start my program. My software can help disabled children ( Deaf, Down Syndrome & Autism )

    [color=#BF4040]Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible[/color]

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