Early birds catch the wounds

A while ago I was told Caravat.com, still at its Pre-Alpha stage, would be launched at 2008′s end. Surprisingly before long it was released out of nowhere with some PR articles on local and international newspapers. No matter how I might like the design, there were just too many technical problems: things didn’t work: qualified users couldn’t sign up, email server errors turned into spams, logical issues, etc. It was a bumpy start for the second social network site for elite professionals.

Saigonica, a microblogging platform that copied the whole Laconica source code and made a few changes, including translation, did a really poor job when launched (or being caught launched): poor UI, bad translation, violation of the AGPL license (fixed). Destined to fail.

Nhắn Gửi made its way to the public via a PR article on VnExpress, Vietnam’s largest online newspaper. To my astonishment, they were not ready for the launch: huge issue with Vietnamese character updates, toolbox disorder on front page. Poor implementation of Revou, a PHP microblogging clone results in inconvenience. Their team was struggling resolve the problems and it seems they need some technical support.

Haste makes waste. My understanding regarding Caravat.com is that they were impatient because money’d been running out and they needed to gain as much customers and as soon as possible. It was a tough choice between quality and survival.

But the launch of Nhắn Gửi was indeed a hasty move. They should have waited until everything would be ready.

Your thought?

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15 Responses to Early birds catch the wounds

  1. Nhan Gui says:

    You are right! We are not ready to launch yet and actually did not make the PR pitch :)

  2. ePi.Longo says:

    If everything is ok with Caravat.com, how can they charge their users? By SMS?

  3. anhhung says:

    hey, you guys are very active on the bloggersphere. And you must have been taken aback by the sudden PR pitch? lolz

  4. anhhung says:

    Well, I can only tell you that it's a B2B business ^ ^ More to come when they actually come out of their hole. With around 10000 elite professionals, do you think they can live on the pennies? lolz

  5. TaiTran says:

    Caravat does have a (from my observation: 1.5) business model.

    Lack of / unfinished features is their issue.


  6. anhhung says:

    Of course. But in order to realize that business model, they need to build up a good userbase. However, time (money) is running out, which is their main issue.

  7. anhhung says:

    agreed. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  8. ePi.Longo says:

    I don't understand much bout B2B here :) Maybe we need to wait more :) .

  9. anhhung says:

    another hint: the second B are the companies behind the executives :P

  10. Nhan Gui says:

    Do you think it is a good option to close NhanGui.com down for improvement?

  11. anhhung says:

    No actually. Early users are bug reporters. Just keep the site and fix it along the way IMO.

    Also, since you're on Vnexpress now, new users will keep signing up. Don't make them ask the question “what the hell is going on here?” :D


  12. Nhan Gui says:

    Seeing ts Believing – Hearing is Improving! Thanks

  13. Rebyn says:

    I wonder whether nhangui.com team is truly a 'team' or not (a person) but …

    why did the user 'nhangui' who commented on this article ask for permission to close down nhangui.com? Is that a personal asking for advise or a team's overall proposal?

    Oh bla :D

  14. Nhan Gui says:

    The most important for us is to become a user driven site. We are now outsources but developing for a good in-house team.

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