Elearning.Ftu.Edu.Vn was down!

Good news is our e-commerce course is being delivered through a combination of offline lectures and online testing/documentation/forums.

Bad news is the entire website of the Foreign Trade University‘s been down, which worries almost everyone!

In recent years, our university’s deployed Moodle as an e-learning platform. Unfortunately for students like us who study in the Southern Branch in HCMC, we only got to use Moodle during exams where courses are tested through the use of electronic multiple choice questions.

It is funny though. The question pool is developed by the Norther Branch in Hanoi. The teachers here teach something kinda different from what’s taught over there. Thus, what we learn, and what is tested, are somewhat unrelated topics. We need TestSense, come here Google!!!

We often joke that the school’s always considered us as geniuses and that we will make it no matter what happens. And most of the time we do. But that drives us nuts! We need something more rational!

Then this semester we study E-commerce. Great, I’m excited. Really. That’s the only technology-related subject I’ve learnt so far. What’s more, we’re gonna do online quizes, participate in the forums, and download stuffs off the e-learning site.
At least there’s some improvement. Today it was down. People have too days left to complete their quiz. We have 3 attempts, but each has to be done on a 24-hour basis. Some people went nuts today :-) [including me!] as it is due this Saturday.

On other news, the school has been rather 2.0 since the last semester. One particular student heavily criticised the school for barring him from taking the final exams last year and as a result, he was suspended for 1 year. Too bad because there are only a few months left before our university life is done for.

Another, my classmate, also complained on his blog and he’s got warned. Less critical words were used. :-)

Now if you tell me to write negative things about the school, the list would be never-ending. :-) However, I won’t do that. I need to get my ass out of this FTU [oh, you know what the first F stands for right?]. It’s…..Foreign Lolz

Also, the latest UNESCO report saw Vietnam’s Education Development Index [IDE] dropping below 0.89, causing Vietnam’s ranking to significantly … fall to 79/120 countries.

Now, does web 2.0, 3.0 matter anymore when people are gettting more stupid and less educated?

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  1. Vu Thi Thu says:

    thay (co) gui cho e tai lieu cua khoa hoc xnk ngan han khoa 111 voi a.em cam on

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