Email is not dead.

Last week we had a quite interesting debate over the death of email, which was ignited by @dlead‘s translation of the “9 reasons why email is dead“.

IMO, a permanent email address (personal, not corporate) is extremely important. Let’s recall the fall of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. Suddenly the once mighty and well-connected Wall Street I-bankers got disconnected from the entire corporate world because their email account was shut down. From that point on I’ve told myself to maintain my personal account just in case other things won’t work for me. The same goes with Business Cards. We should have a personal one too. Who knows what it’s gonna be like in the next five years. Prepare for the worst!

@byhuy made a very good point about branding (e.g when I suggested Twitter DMs and Facebook messages as alternatives to Email. 50% of my mind goes with Huy though. Twitter is a powerful branding tool. Many, including me, take it very seriously. And in fact more and more people are using Twitter as a business tool. (It sounds like I’m sitting on the fence!)

But the most important point I’d like to make here is: I Love Gmail! Since its introduction, Gmail has essentially changed the Email game. For one thing, it was the only email service that offers substantial storage capacity. But what appeals to us is the unlimited offerings that Gmail is presenting to us via its Labs. It’s just amazing to see how much we can do with our email. There’re a lot of innovations coming out of that Labs.

I just wonder what will happen if one day Google decides to open its Labs to outside developers. Are we gonna have a Gmail Appstore?

And take a look at Yahoo. The ailing company is trying to reinvent itself via the Yahoo Open Strategy. And we once again see how much our email, especially the Address Book, can do for us.

Email may not disappear. But it may turn into something different from what we’ve perceived it to be.

Where is Hotmail, though?

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One Response to Email is not dead.

  1. dungiis says:

    Yes, you are right. Email may never die but only Gmail

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