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As our community grows, some of the most dedicated members will continue to contribute more to the community overall well-fare. Experience has shown that with formal recognition from the community, these members will without a doubt make further efforts to add more content that enriches the their fellows’ life.

So that’s the first question in our mind: how do we identify them, give them proper recognition, and eventually energize them?.

Catering to a community’s hunger for exclusive, unique, and fun information is quite a tough task. It almost requires daily updates of various forms: statuses, photos, videos, links, notes, etc. But again, it really matters when you push out these updates during the day. That’s the second question: when is the most effective time to deliver updates to your community?

And then, how are our fellow evangelists doing? That’s the third. Are they doing a good job of engaging their community? Of energizing their most dedicated members? Of publishing updates that rock the world? It’s like a little competition between people who’ve never seen each other’s face.


In a matter of a few days, @epi_longo has decided to get his hand dirty by developing a little web app that answers our puzzle.

You can get our Facebook Fanpage Monitoring Tools here.

Essentially it’s just a table that displays 44 Facebook Fanpage in FanCount order. A click away and you get to see the update stream with number of responses. Plus a few nice charts that display Fan’s contribution in more details.

You can’t imagine how fun it has been looking at him coding enthusiastically in Hanoi, from here in Saigon. And so far people seem to be liking it. The site looks pretty basic now. We (he, actually) will add more cool features (I know, less is more, but we only create what really matters), in the next few days:

  • KPI: Engagement (Total Active Fans / Total Fans)
  • Help: give you hints about the various metrics that we’re tracking
  • Something that you’d like to see!

At first we wanted to develop it for our own use. But @epi_longo came up with a brilliant idea of open-sourcing it so you guys can customize it however you want to. That’s gonna be our way of doing things in future: sharing what we know with the rest of the world!

Let us know what you think!

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2 Responses to Facebook Fanpage Monitoring Tools

  1. Mr Thắng says:

    I wonder if epi is applied for baomoi.vn ?

  2. curtis says:

    thanks information :)

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