Facebook: how to convert Friends to Fans?

I was helping Wonderboy Entertainment with the Social Media Campaign for “Passport to Love“. In fact, it was a predicted failure. How were you supposed to run a Social Media Marketing Campaign in one month? Quick answer: Spamming (wink)

But thanks to that, I learnt a couple of things. I believed @taitran wrote this blog post: “Social Media engagement on Facebook: Fan Page is the better channel” partly to remind me that creating a Facebook Profile for the movie was not the right way to do it. And he was right.

For the past months, I’ve seen local businesses going to Facebook to promote themselves, unfortunately most of them’ve created a Facebook Profile instead of a Fan Page. Certainly it wouldn’t hurt a lot in the beginning but the cons of doing it eclipse the pros.

Now, the question is: what are you gonna do about it? How do you convert your “company’s friends” to loyal fans? Yesterday a friend called me asking this very question and I wasn’t able to come up with an immediate answer. So here it is.

Suggest them to become fans of your business.

But suggesting fans needs some delicate handling. During my experiment with fan suggestion, I’ve found that suggesting a whopping 500 fans won’t work as expected. Facebook seems to have implemented some prevention measures that disallow mass fan suggestion.

Another weird “bug” I’ve found is some people who have become fans are still in the “not-fan” list, which causes a lot of confusion.The best tactic to fix it is send suggestions to 50 persons at a time. This works better than sending them messages because your limit is only 20 persons at any given time. And you can still attach a personal message alongside.

Key takeaways:

If you have been one of those who’re building fan pages for your/others’ business, please kindly share your experience here.

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5 Responses to Facebook: how to convert Friends to Fans?

  1. ePi.Longo says:

    Tks for the link. I’m thinking much about 90-9-1 rule and Fan Page. In common community, only 1% of users are givers (or creators). So how we know who are givers and how we energize them to help us build and promote our fan page?

  2. Tien Phi says:

    The fact is, before creating a fan page, you must have a personal page. So when people are familar with you on the personal page, they will probably not move to your Fan Page. People in VN tend to assume Fan Page means PR page, and PR page does not have worthy information.

    And finally, they stick to personal page which limits 5k of friends. Facebook must create a friend to fan convert tool!

  3. AnhHung says:

    These are valid concerns. My points are as follows:

    1. Facebook has redesigned the Fan Page to make it look like a personal profile to address the “PR” issue you’ve mentioned. “PR” or not, it depends on how you interact with fans, not the nature of the page, IMHO.

    2. Facebook will not provide such a tool because they don’t want to leave your friends in the dark, having no clue about what’s just happened to their “friend”.

  4. Ted says:

    It seems that we have to invite a vast number of Facebook users, and they are more likely to join the fan page if they are already your friends.

  5. kim says:

    I want to create a FAN page but I keep ending up with a personal page >> someone please suggest the steps to take to make a fan page

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