Facebook: the return of the Sith

I woke up to this morning with some twists and turns on the Facebook homepage, following the recent changes on its Event Management and Group features.

It wasn’t a very pleasant moment at first, and I was not alone. Let’s take a look at the new design when it’s still fresh:

  • The highlight is gone. For the past month we’ve experimented with different kinds of media on the highlight as a marketing tool for our Fan page and all of a sudden it disappeared. Without this, advertisers’ve lost a valuable estate, but thanks god the suggestion box is still there. I will take another couple of weeks to see how this hurts our work ( or how other changes may compensate for it.)
  • Live Feeds are back. Oh dear, I almost fell in love with these feeds a while ago when Facebook decided to pull the plug. Now it’s back! It’s not the same as before though. Things can go viral more easily but I’ve heard the neighbors saying it’s too noisy and irrelevant. “Why do I need to know someone becoming friends of all of these strangers?” or “why they don’t they group those tagged in the same post together?”. Hopefully it will be better with time.
  • News Feeds are the new Friendfeed. I haven’t used Friendfeed a lot but I can tell that this new option looks a lot like FF. Basically content that gets the most reactions stay on top. It makes life a lot easier for those whose motto is “content is king” but this is probably not a good thing. It’s going against the long tail, and fat cats just get fatter. Now we can start seeing the fruit from Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed.
  • Friend suggestions are confusing to me. Seeing “Reconnect with him/her” makes me wonder when I removed that person when in fact we’re still good friends.

The old design of Facebook has come back with more bells and whistles. But I’m trying to refrain myself from giving any opinion of these changes now but will come back in a few weeks when data are available for analysis. For the time being, I’ve switched to the Live feed option.

For those who like the new design, here’s your friend. How about you? Do you “like” or “dislike” the new design?

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