The nice thing about Facebook is that its population in Vietnam has doubled since the last quarter of 2008, boasting 64,000+ users. I won’t repeat what’s been talked about how Facebook spreads but this is just good news for many, and probably bad news for local social networking start-ups.

For me, I feel like I’m ready to create a Facebook group for my fellow classmates at my university because I can count at least 50 of them being there already. Some got invited, some got introduced, one way or another, they’re climbing on the Facebook tree.

And I just wonder myself. Well, during the four years at college, the only time I spent at school was for study. I didn’t hang out with them, participate in university activities. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not a book worm. I spent time with most of you guys! So I wasn’t surprised when one of them actually ran a poll of whether I am a cold-hearted prick on Facebook. Looks like they get the hang out of how to run around the platform.

And after all the Tweet-ups and H3s, it appears natural to me that organizing meet-ups and events is something I can do in my free time. So I just think about creating a Facebook group for these dudes, and occasionally send out invites for “the first non-tech event I’ve ever organized – EVER!”. Sounds tempting. Time to compensate for the lost moments, I guess. Facebook has “empowered” me to do what I wanted to do, to put it another way lolz.

So, welcome to Facebook, buddies. Fun’s coming soon.

And, what are you gonna do with this growing number of Facebookers? Develop Facebook applications for your marketing campaign? ;)

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  1. Tuấn Anh says:

    Domestic social networks are still on their way as long as vietnamese users find non-vietnamese content tough to deal with.

    The problem is, offering Facebook a Vietnamese dress is not that difficult :D

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