Facebook’s redesign of Event Management is fantastic!

I’ve just created an event for the 2nd Barcamp Saigon Organizers Meeting and noticed some very nice changes from the Event Creation process.

It’s mostly related to the look and feel of the pages, not the work flow. Anyway here are a few screenshots:

Facebook Event Guest Invite

Facebook Event Management

Facebook Event Management

Facebook Event Guest Invite

I like*:

  • The UI looks a lot sleeker than before
  • Instead of just using texts as navigational cues, Facebook is now explicitly showing the 3 Steps in which to complete the event creation process, which is great!
  • The page’s length has been shortened a lot to fit into one page, no need to scroll down like before, thanks to the use of select boxes and in-place editors.
  • Event managers can invite people from past events. This is the most impressive improvement. As someone who’s creating periodical events, this change makes my life a lot easier. No need to pick up guests from a list of 1000 friends any more!

Thank you Facebook. Love it!

P/S: I’m looking forward to seeing you at our second Organizers’ Meeting.

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