Free workshop for bloggers:”How to deal with The Media” – Saturday 27 December

Hi folks,

Thomas Wanhoff, a New Media consultant, will be delivering a free workshop on “How To Deal With The Media” on next Saturday, 27 from 2-6pm. Location is to be announced later once we’re settled on a good place for the presentation (suggestions are welcome).

Recently several bloggers and I have been contacted by foreign reporters for interviews about our blogging enthusiasm. While this has been an exciting experience, we feel that certain preparation needs to be taken and a fair amount of familiarity with the way these interviews are performed are necessary steps to take.

Ever since jumping on the blogging bandwagon, I have witnessed the emergence of  many professional bloggers in Vietnam. Sooner or later these cool guys will be spotted and contacted for interviews. It’s time we all learn how to deal with the press appropriately.

The workshop is free and open to everyone, just like Barcamp Saigon. If you’re interested (and you don’t need to be a blogger), do come. Food and drinks are not paid for though.

See you there :)

About Speaker: Thomas was a former PR consultant for clients like IKEA with a special focus on crisis management, journalist since 1990, recently  translated blogging for dummies, organized conferences and workshops about topics like podcasting, blogging and social media in general. He’s now a director of communications for Vina-Consulting. Check out his Blog:

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5 Responses to Free workshop for bloggers:”How to deal with The Media” – Saturday 27 December

  1. Khanh Le says:

    How long is the workshop, a whole day? I can try to book a meeting room at Microsoft VN, they have nice facility.

  2. AnhHung says:

    just added the time, 2-6pm. it sounds good, but a bit luxurious haha, anyway if you can book a room for us that’s great!

  3. dlead says:

    Wow :) always waiting for this

  4. Ho Viet Hai says:

    we can have a nice room with project at Press Cafe, 14 Alexander Rhodes

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