Fresco20 is now powered by WordPress 2.7

It took approximately 10 minutes to perform the infamous Three-Step-Upgrade instructions and now Fresco20 is officially on WordPress 2.7. WordPress 2.7 should have been released yesterday but the developers decided to make it RC2 instead, which is a good move according to SaigonNezumi.

RC1 was rather buggy due to plugin issues: posting errors and noticeably slower typing speed in Firefox, and more importantly, the new built-in automatic upgrade feature failed everytime I tried.

Even though I had to go through the whole manual upgrading process again, it was very smooth and problem-free. I forgot to disable the plugins before that but thanks god nothing bad happened.

This release adds a “<– Visit site” pointer on the top-left, which is nice. Before I was confused between the home bottom and the site name but now it is much clear. Speed typing has returned to its normal state.

I really like the new backend, it’s more convenient to do things with fewer clicks. It seems Askimet is catching spams more efficiently so I will not moderate comments from now on, unless inappropriate pingbacks show up.

Kudos to the WordPress folks! And have fun with your new WordPress 2.7 too.

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10 Responses to Fresco20 is now powered by WordPress 2.7

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  4. You upgrade to WP 2.7 in approximately 10 minutes ?? Took me like 2 hours because I was having many DB errors and other bugs, but it worth all the work, I really prefer the WP 2.7 Dashboard than the olf one….

  5. poer says:

    now it's time to update to wp 2.7.1 :D

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  8. it was very smooth and problem-free. I forgot to disable the plugins before that but thanks god nothing bad happened.

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