Fresco20 updates

iPhone & iPod Touch optimization

With the addition of WPTouch, a wordpress plugin that turns your blog into an iPhone/Pod-friendly site. The responses I’ve received so far are highly positive. F20 even looks great on a G1! If you have a WordPress blog, you should use WPTouch too, because there’s an increasing number of users who are reading our blog on their iPhone/Pod Touch/G1. Unfortunately the optimization doesn’t work on Backberries :(

Anyway, please check out F20 on your devices and let me know how it works! Highly appreaciated.

WordPress 2.7.1

It took me about 20 minutes to perform the upgrade because I used Firezilla to transfer the files (slower than the web-based file manager of cPanel). The whole process went very well and I didn’t encounter any problems whatsoever. I also managed to get all the plugins updated to their latest versions. I will replace Add to Any with thanks to @taitran and @khanhlnq suggestion on Facebook but will keep Disqus for the time being.

Browser Stats for February

Firefox is taking the lead with almost 60% of the share while all IE variants account for one third of the pie. The next largest slice belongs to Google Chrome at 4%, this number has been quite stable since its launch. The smaller yellow area represents Safari at 3.4%. It’s interesting to see how Safari performs in the next few months as the new version (4B) has received very positive reviews.

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3 Responses to Fresco20 updates

  1. Use the automatic upgrade. It is good now.


  2. ePi.Longo says:

    I think MobilePress is good too. Using it for my blog :)

  3. anhhung says:

    I tried the automatic upgrade but it didn't work :(

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