FTU’s Day 2008: First Faces Một

I’ve meant to post these pictures for a while but can’t find the time to put everything together. This should be considered as an act of showing off and a promotion for the upcoming Foreign Trade University’s Day event on Oct 15 :-) Let’s begin.

Phan Thị Ngọc Diễm

Miss Tourism Vietnam 2008

Miss FTUCharm 2008

Vũ Thị Xuân Hà

Top 10 Miss Universe 2008

Top 11 FTUCharm 2008

Tuyết Đang

Top 11 FTUCharm 2008

Huyền Trang

Top 11 FTUCharm 2008

She happens to have been my classmate for 2 years :-)

Phương Anh

Top 10 FTUCharm 2008

Thanh Trúc

Top 11 FTUCharm 2008

To be continued…..

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One Response to FTU’s Day 2008: First Faces Một

  1. Chip says:

    Wow, FTU girls everywhere are so beautiful :) You’re so lucky, Hùng.

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