Goodbye Gmail, hello Integrated Gmail!

Imagine you are running Google Reader, Google Maps, Picasa, and countless other Google Apps/Gadgets right inside your Gmail account. This little Firefox extension called “Integrated Gmail” allows you to do just that!

For me, the Ninja theme has been awesome as I’m a big fan of Naruto, the Japanese Manga/Anime Series. But now, I can do even more with Gmail: reading my feeds within Gmail, and viewing pictures at the same time in the same tab. It’s especially useful when I constantly keep the Gmail tab open.

For Google, it’s always been a challenge to get their other apps apart from Search and Gmail to the mass. The reason is they want to keep their homepage simple, not bloated like that of Yahoo!. Google made a further step in getting some of the apps on the top-left nav bar of Gmail (which is quite visible). But Integrated Gmail makes things much more obvious by letting users know directly that there are other things they may be interested. This extension is certainly a direction in which Google should consider following. However, there’re several things Google will definitely take into account:

  • Simplicity. This has been the central point of every Google application ranging from the search homepage to the Chrome interface. Will having an all-in-one application affects this?
  • Speed. Gmail has been criticised for being slow, especially at login. I could see a pretty clear slow-down when I logged in the Integrated Interface, but after that, things were pretty responsive. Plus, with Chrome and Firefox efforts in improving Javascript rendering speed, I don’t think it will be a problem. Somebody needs to push things anyway.
  • Gmail. Yeb, with the launch of Google Friend Connect, and if Google ever wants to adds this Integrated feature to promote their product, it’s become obvious that Gmail is at the focal point of paving the way for other apps to further advance.

For you, if you want to try this out, there’re a few steps you need to follow:

You may want to have a look at some screenshots from LifeHacker. Yo, have a nice day!

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  1. Zán says:

    I used as my homepage,it’s fast and I can customize my favourite Google’s apps :D

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