Google is no fool: Friend Connect is now @Twittered

When Google Friend Connect and Facebook Friend Connect were launched, people were talking about how Facebook would become the eventual winner, hang on there: Google Friend Connect now allows you to join a site and connect with friends who are on Twitter. This is awesome.

From their blog:

This means that when you join a friend connected site, you can choose to use your Twitter profile, discover people you follow on Twitter who are also members of the site, and quickly tweet that you have found a cool website.

To send a tweet about a site you have joined, click the invite link in the members gadget, then click the Twitter icon on the share tab. The next time your followers sign in to Twitter, they’ll see your tweet containing a link to the interesting site you’ve found.

As I said earlier, Google must definitely have had something up its sleeves to compete with a giant social network like Facebook. Instead of building yet another social community around Goole Friend Connect, they made a much smarter move: integrate Facebook’s rival, Twitter, into their circle. With 5 million users today and an annual growth rate of 442% in 2008, Twitter is obviously on its way to take on Facebook, and it sure does. Google knows that, and now they work with Twitter to make this competition even tougher for Facebook: it’s about Facebook vs Twitter + Google.


The better story is: most tweeters now are geeks, who of course have at least one blog/website. Facebookers are not, and thus do not. Leveraging this one huge advantage, Google is surely able to lure more and more website owners or bloggers into getting its Friend Connect installed. Furthermore, it’s way too easier to put the code on the site, basically it’s copy and paste, unlike the 10-minute video instruction from Facebook which still leaves much to be desired.

Again, it’s hard to predict who’s the winner in the end, but I’m convinced this is one step in the right direction by Google. Please join my Friend Connect by logging yourself in using either your Google account or Twitter account, the latter is strongly encouraged!

P/S: I think I beat LifeHacker this time hehe

Important Update: You can now discard the above jump-to-conclusion crappy review because Twitter will be integrating with Facebook and MySpace as well. Biz, co-founder of Twitter wrote on their blog a few hours ago:

Twitter plans to integrate with the open initiatives offered by our friends at MySpace, Facebook, and Google. We officially announced our intent to work with MySpace back in May because we believe strongly in offering the exchange of public information between our complementary services.

Integrating with MySpace as well as Facebook Connect will require some development effort on our part. Now that we have 13 software engineers working at Twitter and our reliability continues to improve we’re getting closer to integrating with your favorite social networks.

It turns out the beneficiary of this whole Friend Connect competition is Twitter, not Google or Facebook. Woot! o/

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3 Responses to Google is no fool: Friend Connect is now @Twittered

  1. tungjacob says:

    Thank you guy. Still good review and hot news, as always ;)

    I’ll try it!

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  3. Xoai says:

    Yeah ^^ Can’t deny values of Twitter and it’s funny to see all big boys want to own Twitter for self.

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